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  • MEK Camp AshrafTensions in Iranian Exile Camp Ashraf in Iraq

    Tensions in Iranian Exile Camp Ashraf in Iraq

    ... The group that lives here, the People’s Mujahedeen [MKO/MEK,PMOI], has had a long and winding history. It killed Americans, supported the takeover of the United States Embassy in Iran during the 1970s and was given sanctuary in Iraq by Saddam Hussein. But after the…

  • MEK Camp AshrafCamp Ashraf

    A clash at Camp Ashraf left 11 MEK members Camp Ashraf dead

    Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government now has good relations with Iran and little enthusiasm for the MEK. The Americans are at best ambivalent. The group, which some consider a cult, is on the American terrorism list for attacks against the United States (in the distant past) and…

  • The cult of RajaviThe Cult of Rajavi

    On The Cult of Rajavi

    Rajavi fled to Paris in disguise. There, he established the National Council of Resistance in Iran, the political umbrella of the Mujahedeen aka MKO/MEK/PMOI. In 1986, the French began forging ties with Khomeini and kicked out Rajavi and his squads of assassins, who ran into…

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