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Dr. Samineh Sadat Mozaffar Moqaddam, sister of Seyyed Nafis , letter to the PM of Albania

Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania
I am Samineh Sadat Mozaffar Moqaddam, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, the sister of Seyyed Nafis Mozaffar Moqaddam, who is currently living in the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) camp in your country, and I have no connection with my brother.
Your country accepted the members of the MEK as temporary guests around 2016, according to an agreement reached in Geneva between the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the US government and the Albanian government.
These individuals were supposed to be able to move freely after the deprograming process, and to regain their independent and humane character, as a result of the long-standing cultic practices in Iraq under Saddam Hussein in the MKO camps for many years. It was promised that they can go to their favorite country and start a new life and enjoy the same basic human rights as any other refugee in Europe.

Dr. Samineh Sadat Mozaffar Moqaddam, sister of Seyyed Nafis Mozaffar Moqaddam

Unfortunately, the actions of President Donald Trump’s administration and the pressure on the Albanian government have not only failed to do so, but have further endangered the situation in a closed and remote camp in your country that the United States had donated to the Rajavi cult. Interestingly, the camp was renamed Ashraf, which itself is reminiscent of the same dreaded Ashraf cultic camp in Saddam’s Iraq.
The Rajavi terrorist cult is responsible for the deaths of at least 12,000 people inside Iran and has been actively involved in the war waged by Iraq against Iran for many years. The cult is also responsible for killing Kurdish and Shiite citizens in Iraq in cooperation with Saddam Hussein’s army, and violates even the most basic human rights of its members.
Unfortunately, the terrorist cult has now been given the opportunity to keep its members in complete isolation from the outside world, and to continue to brainwash them and violate their human rights, including the right to family ties.
I am proud of my homeland that it has not and will not blush in the face of the oppression of any superpower. As the highest authority of an independent country with a rich and historical culture that has strong and devotional ties with the culture of my dear country Iran, I would like to ask you not to go under the burden of American force and to help my brother Seyyed Nafis Mozaffar Moghaddam to be able to meet his family or be in touch and also live freely and have the right to choose and experience true love which is the greatest divine gift.

With respect,
Samineh Sadat Mozaffar Moqaddam, the suffering sister of Seyyed Nafis Mozaffar Moqaddam

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