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Armed mercenaries; Warmongers’ Last Resort

There’s no doubt that recent unrest and terrorist activities in the eastern and western borders of Iran have been done with foreign backing. This has been admitted by Americans themselves. By allocating budgets against Iran and forming offices for espionage and recruiting spies against Iran, they try to expand their interferences.

Movements of CIA and Pentagon to create unrest and covert violent activities are acts documented during the past decades.

That we occasionally hear the name of terrorist MKO and Pentagon’s use of this organization doesn’t mean that they only rely on this terrorist group to destabilize the country. In fact, it means that Pentagon and Neocons, as pioneers of warmongering against Iran, use all possible means, including the gang of Rigi, Pezhak and criminal cult of Rajavi.

Sunday Telegraph has pointed to the ties between Pentagon and terrorist group of MKO. Recent comments of Dick Cheney also show that warmongers are determined to harm Iranians and inflict considerable damages.


In part of its article, Sunday Telegraph writes:

"A row has also broken out in Washington over whether to "unleash" the military wing of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), an Iraq-based Iranian opposition group with a long and bloody history of armed opposition to the Iranian regime.

The group is currently listed by the US state department as terrorist organization, but Mr Pike said: "A faction in the Defense Department wants to unleash them. They could never overthrow the current Iranian regime but they might cause a lot of damage."

At present, none of the opposition groups are much more than irritants to Teheran, but US analysts believe that they could become emboldened if the regime was attacked by America or Israel.

It’s notable that despite all its efforts to be known as an alternative, the MKO is not considered a proper choice even in the eyes of those who support the idea of using them, but they’re considered as armed mercenaries who can create chaos and unrest".


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