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London, a resort of retirement for MKO

 Looking at it from a different angle, the excitement of MKO over the POAC’s ruling is for something beyond its mere removal from the list of the proscribed organizations. That is to say, the judgment plainly decrees that MKO, as a political organization with a military infrastructure, has reached the end of its political life and must run a peaceful life of retirement in an appropriate resort place with no better alternative than England. For two reasons, MKO cannot pass the days of retirement in other European countries. First, its proscription as a terrorist organization has developed a phobia of its threat among the European states. Second, in none of the other European countries there could be found suitable political grounds to evolve the embryo of revolution for other countries whose exiled opposition are inspired through close contact with the intelligentsia communities. Once in France, the early Mojahedin could avail the ostensible political dynamics there; but it was nearly three decades ago and besides, Mojahedin have grown too old for the tast.

Now the West holds no more hope for the claimed capacity of Mojahedin who themselves have come to recognize that they can no more bury their heads in the sand and have to succumb to realism. MKO has lost hope to assume the political power since its struggle might and morale have debilitated and no country intends to entrust a bankrupt group with the legitimacy of a political alternative. Consequently, it is a matter of common sense and prudence for MKO to find an appropriate resting place, while maintaining the look of an active group, to start off an unannounced retirement and to brood over a lost, unproductive life.

England, because of its strongly conservative policies and as a country that has well merged traditionalism with modernism, seems to be a much appropriate option. There MKO would be granted the opportunity of having offices and publishing papers and bulletins and arranging regular rallies to maintain the prestige of an active opposition as well as enjoying the nice weather and romantic aura of London.

It is sheer truth rather than an ironically stated or humorous remark. For many reasons, MKO cannot announce retirement but at least it can survive for a while by taking refuge in a safe reclose. Unlike other modernized European countries, English people are anxious to keep to traditions and classism and show much reluctance to make innovations even in literature, cinema and the like. They prefer reading long novels of Dickens and poems of Shakespeare. Such a piquant, enchanting classic atmosphere provides a favourite resort for the retired Mojahedin since they are also nostalgic feel a great attachment to the past. In fact, the entity of the organization has its roots in its past and in any granted circumstance, there is an attempt to connect the present to the past.

A look at the veterans and analysts of the organization appearing in a variety of TV programs signifies them as the vestige of a passé political group who sooner or later have to be retired. In respect to the group’s leader, how long the elegant dresses, make ups and beauty products can hide her aging visage. She also needs retirement and a calm, nice place to repose. They have lived enough to the ripe age of retirement, like thousands of English citizens, to walk on the banks of the river Times and chat about the past. The POAC’s ruling deems necessary as a prerequisite to sign Mojahedin’s retirement papers and provide for their pension. It is needed to grant them a status as senior citizens to live peacefully in the company of other retired British citizens.


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