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Maryam Rajavi treatening Council of European Union

Claiming that the letter by the Council of European Union which keeps the PMOI in the list is a breach of law, the terrorist MKO and a number of its advocates organized a conference in Brussels to protest the move. The EU had given the group 30 days, till Thursday, to put forward its case for being removed from the list. The People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI) duly handed over the letter in Brussels in which its lawyers accused the EU of "flagrant disregard" of an earlier European court ruling, as reported by Agence France.

The 27 EU member states wrote to the group a month ago explaining its motives for putting them on its terror list, recalling that group’s past activities, "notably the attacks for which it was responsible". Failing to present justifiable evidences, MKO, however, makes it attempts to proceed on detouring paths avoiding the conventional.

Furthermore, the cult leader, Maryam Rajavi, in her video message speech addressed to the conference made clear threats that only those familiar with the group and its cult structure can get the hint. Calling the legally adopted decision an act of appeasing Iranian regime, she promulgates a glimpse of her cult’s potentiality saying:

I remind those who insist on keeping the PMOI in the list that appeasement will have dire consequences. We are speaking about the lives of individuals. At the moment, the mullahs, through their proxies in the Iraqi government, are using the terrorist list as a pretext to try to expel and massacre PMOI members in Ashraf City . I warn that two decades of appeasing the mullahs is now resulting in a new catastrophe.

Mojahedin WS, March 03, 2007

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