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Is MEK Being Dismantled ?

Camp Ashraf 3

The Rajavi cult based in Camp Ashraf 3 in Manez is experiencing a crisis situation, which could possibly lead to the dissolution of this former terrorist organization. Mass infection with Covid-19 among cult members is causing relentless casualties, greatly undermining the morale of the members.

MEK members are increasingly coming to realise the dog’s life they live in Camp Ashraf. They are being punished by their commanders for very banal reasons such as, communicating via the “Telegram” app with their Iranian friends who no longer believe in Maryam Rajavi’s tales of a quick victory and that “regime change” in Tehran is very close.

The members of this cult, who are being ordered by Maryam Rajavi and her “henchmen”, to become spies and “denouncers” of their friends, or even of their Albanian friends, or else they will be cut off from the cult, prefer to preserve their honour and dignity rather than spy on their Iranian and Albanian friends and comrades.

By the direct order of Maryam Rajavi, two of them had payments of 30,000 Lek per month cut off and were thrown into the street.

Mr Mansour Barahoui, having been a soldier in the ranks of the ‘Artesh’ – the regular Iranian army – was captured as a POW and taken by MEK soldiers who fought alongside the troops of Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, against their Homeland Iran. Mansour, from the day he was taken prisoner until 5-6 days ago, i.e. for almost 32 years, has been a member of the MEK. Suddenly, he was deprived of a monthly payment (alms) of 30,000 Lek, (240 Euros) by the MEK. He was not only deprived of this payment, but also ordered to leave the apartment immediately, where he lived in Tirana with another member of the MEK. In the midst of winter, in these rainy days, an almost 53-year-old was forced to sleep under the bridge on the banks of the Lana River. After almost 32 years in the ranks of the MEK, Mansour was left with only the clothes he was wearing!

What was Mr Mansour’s crime for which he was being punished so severely by Maryam Rajavi? According to MEK commanders, Mansour had refused to make statements in front of cameras, in which he would curse and slander his friends and comrades who had already left the Rajavi Cult. Mansour had committed another sin: He refused to report (spy on) his Iranian comrades as well as Albanian acquaintances and friends. In the following, we will deal in more detail with this “hobby” of the Rajavi cult to carry out espionage activities in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

Readers should be informed that the payment of about 240 Euros per month does not come from the pockets of Maryam Rajavi, but it is money that the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), according to the agreement signed with the Government of the Republic of Albania, should pay to the individual Iranians who were transferred from Iraq to Albania.

So, Maryam Rajavi, after using these people as slaves for 30 years, or at least as serfs, now manages to steal the alms that the UNHCR has granted to these unfortunates. This is the real face of Maryam Rajavi! A petty thief, who even steals under the guise of “comrade” of the ideology, a thief, who steals 5 lek from her subordinates, with whom she would supposedly change the regime in Tehran and free the Iranian people from the yoke of the mullahs. An ordinary thief who has also removed from us a revolutionary and a saviour of the people of Iran. Shame and cowardice! For more information, readers can consult the photos and accompanying documents, which illustrate the case of Mr Barahoui.

Mr Khalil Ansarian is a 62-year-old man who at the age of 18, being a soldier in the ranks of the Iranian regular army (Artesh), was captured by the troops of dictator Saddam Hussein on the third day of the Iran-Iraq war (September 25, 1980). Mr Ansarian spent several years in the prisoner-of-war camps of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist regime. Since he had completed medical high school in Isfahan and since Arabic was his mother tongue, Mr Ansarian served as a nurse in the POW camp. He became part of the MEK Organization after being promised that, if he joined this organization, he would have the right to go to Europe if he did not like the organization.

Khalil Ansarian

In fact, for about 30 years Mr Ansarian became a slave of the MEK organization, serving as a nurse and even as a dentist at Camp Ashraf. He was also part of the MEK’s foreign relations bureau, as he was a “native speaker” of the Arabic language (classical and contemporary Arabic). In another post we will introduce the reader to some interesting facts about the MEK’s relationship with Saddam Hussein’s regime and the people of Iraq in those years!

The same as Mr Mansour Barahoui, Mr Ansarian was also asked by MEK commanders to spy on their Iranian and Albanian comrades. He was also asked to make public statements to camera, in which he should curse and slander his friends. Mr Ansarian, as a man of dignity, did not accept such a humiliating offer. The MEK responded by cutting the monthly payment of 30,000 Lek (approximately 240 Euros). Already Mr Ansarian lives with sweat on his forehead in Tirana. Of course life is not easy for him. Resuming your life after you turn 60 is a very special challenge, but still Mr Ansarian is optimistic about the future because he is a free man in Tirana. He is no longer one of the thousands of serfs of Maryam Rajavi, the head of the MEK Cult. After almost 30 years, Mr Ansarian, after leaving the ranks of the MEK (then located on the outskirts of Tirana), had the opportunity for the first time to talk on the phone with his elderly parents and 5 brothers and 6 sisters. During the time that Mr Ansarian was the slave of the couple Masoud and Maryam Rajavi, his brothers and sisters grew up, got married and now Khalil has 36 grandchildren in Iran. The Rajavi cult stole 30 years from Mr Ansarian, but he is optimistic and even happy that he is finally managing to live a new normal life after 30 years of nightmare in the ranks of the former terrorist organization MEK.

Does the Albanian SHISH have a duty to fight foreign intelligence networks in the territory of the Republic of Albania?!

In both the cases which we reported above, the Rajavi Cult asks its members, who live in Tirana, for informative reports on other Iranians as well as Albanians. This is a very serious fact. We emphasize that the agreement of the Albanian Government for the transfer of MEK members from Iraq to Albania does not provide that these persons, who enjoy the status of protected persons, have the right to organize espionage activities in Albania. As an Albanian patriot, my hair stands on end out of anger and shame that my Homeland has failed to take action when a former terrorist organization like the MEK sets up an espionage network that even collects information about Albanian citizens within the territory of the Republic of Albania, as if it were a godless land.

It is a great shame that we Albanians pay taxes, among other things, so that SHISH protects us from such activities by foreigners, moreover, that we are dealing with members of a former foreign terrorist organization! SHISH (Albanian Intelligence Service) has a legal obligation to conduct counterintelligence activity. I publicly ask both the homophone Greek-speaking man and Bahri’s lover what SHISH has done to put an end to what is known to be the openly illegal activity of the Rajavi Cult in Albania?! How do they justify the salary, which our SHISH operatives receive, but who do not perform counterintelligence duties for which they are obliged by law?! Creating such an espionage network in Albania, does it harm the national security of my Homeland or does it hang up the bag of national security, that this former terrorist Rajavi is regarded as a good woman with VIP friends and former international VIPs?! Such a cowardly and miserable attitude of our SHISH certainly lowers the prestige of my Homeland (and theirs) in the eyes of other NATO member countries, our honourable allies. When some old men and women of the Rajavi Cult graze as they please in Albania, how likely is it that SHISH will carry out the tasks assigned to it by the law in the field of counterintelligence in respect to revelations about unfriendly countries toward Albania? How likely is it that this kind of SHISH will protect us, the Albanian citizens, from the espionage activity in Albanian territory of the rankings of BIA, EYP, GRU, etc. etc?!

After these rhetorical questions I close my article with the Latin phrase: “O tempora o mores”!!!!! (Oh the times! Oh the customs! – Cicero)

By Gjergji Thanasi (Translated by Iran Interlink)

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