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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 279

MEK Propaganda Message: Death to Diplomacy

assa++ As though Iranians and Albanians have not already suffered enough simply from the existence of the MEK, they are now being victimised by an avalanche of Saudi funded American-style propaganda. Not only did Fox News invite Maryam Rajavi to give advice to President Biden based on the false narrative that ‘Iran is at its weakest point’, but now CNN in Albania has also broadcast a purely MEK funded and scripted piece designed to poison diplomatic relations between the EU and Iran, Albania and Iran, the UK and Iran and the USA and Iran. Iranians all over the world, not just in Iran, along with many Albanians and others who have wised up to the danger posed by this cult have condemned this propaganda campaign. MEK continues to attack ex-members in Albania and Europe. That puts them in danger. But it is the fiction spun from false flag ops, fake news and manipulated politicians that is the real danger. The message is ‘death to diplomacy’. It is extravagantly funded and the money flows through MEK to the heart of American politics. It is aimed at President Biden to force him to confront Iran rather than seek rapprochement. Thus, condemning Iranians, Americans and Albanians to years more needless conflict, deaths and suffering.

#MaryamRajavi can’t manage her own members and ex members. What was that about”Toppling the #Iranian regime”she was ranting alongside #Saddam and later #Saudi Sheikh? She is left with a bunch of old and disabled has been terrorists not even able to admit her husband is dead 😂

— Massoud khodabandeh (@ma_khodabandeh) February 5, 2021

++ In Iran, a fifty-part TV series called ‘The Safe House’ has become the most viewed TV series ever. It is not a documentary but is based on the real stories of retired intelligence officers. The series covers the history of different opponent groups in Iran over forty years, revealing their activities, including spying conducted by and for MOSSAD. Part of the popular series was about the MEK. The series attracted a lot of positive comments.

++ Last week another 3 people ran away from the MEK camp in Albania. The MEK are on overdrive to curse and denounce these people. On top of internal suppression, they are constantly attacking their external critics. They are attacking all ex-members. Observers say they are panicking because they lost their backers and cult control is breaking down.

In English:

++ Iran’s Tasnim News reported that “Iran slapped sanctions on outgoing US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo along with several current and former members of the outgoing administration for their role in terrorist and inhumane actions against the Islamic Republic and Iranian citizens.” Iran’s Foreign Ministry cited the assassination of anti-terrorism commander general Qassem Soleimani, supporting Israel against the Palestinians and for assassinating nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, cruel and illegal sanctions, support for suppressive regimes in the region and maintaining “active and full connection with the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist group and provided it with political and cultural support, paving the way for several terrorist measures against the interests of the Iranian government and nation.”

++ Albanian journalist Gjergji Thanasi asks ‘Is MEK Being Dismantled?” in a scorching piece exposing the MEK’s many current problems. Mass COVID-19 infection is causing internal distress so that “MEK members are increasingly coming to realise the dog’s life they live in Camp Ashraf”. Members no longer believe Maryam Rajavi’s “tales of a quick victory and that “regime change” in Tehran is very close”. Thanasi describes the plight of one member who, after 30 years’ service, has been thrown into the street penniless for the ‘crime’ of refusing to spy on ex-members and refusing to denounce his estranged family on camera. For the record Khalil Ansarian had not renounced membership of the MEK when this happened.

++ In piece of local reporting Gjergji Thanasi reveals that after local residents in Manez protested about ugly MEK activity in their town, Rajavi was so frightened that she summoned several top-level government representatives, including prime minister Edi Rama, to come and placate the populace and prevent further protests. MEK behaviour in host countries often defies belief as they act with complete impunity to the detriment of the local people.

++ Anne and Massoud Khodabandeh write in Iran Interlink that although Iranians saw Trump as a mad man, they blame America for their woes. The piece demonstrates that under Trump’s watch, Iran’s leadership has slipped out of reach from sanctions and military threats and taken the population with them to the point that the next elected president may come with a military background. This makes Israel and the region less safe than before. It also means that President Biden has only a few months to act if he wants to pursue a diplomatic relationship with Iran; “there will have to be more carrots”. The anti-Iran cabal in America, Israel and Saudi Arabia have already abandoned the Republicans and are now focused on forcing the Democrats to wage war on Iran. To avoid this, the authors suggest a quick and effective policy win would be to dismantle the MEK in Albania. Thus, cutting a source of foreign funding and fake narratives in the US and pleasing the Iranian people who universally hate the MEK more than any other group ever. Concluding that “It is incumbent on the Biden administration to approach relations with Iran on a new page. Purging the old regime need not be as difficult as it first appears. The costs of erasing any traces of the MEK from that page are low, the benefits are great and many.”

++ A member of the Nejat Society in Iran appeals to the WHO to intervene in the crisis in Camp Ashraf where her father is based. Other members followed suit, writing to the UN for help. The mass COVID-19 outbreak in the camp is not being investigated, monitored or treated and worried families are denied news of their loved ones, and have no way to help them. This dire situation is echoed in another post by Mehr News which reports that Albania’s first case of the UK Virus Variant has been detected in a MEK member admitted to Tirana’s Mother Theresa Hospital. This is unsurprising of course, because MEK members travel frequently without hindrance all over Europe and back. Except Maryam Rajavi who, according to Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi, has yet again been denied a visa to enter France after being expelled from the EU in 2018.

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers points out that MEK’s relocation to Albania brought the cult into the focus of European journalists. Those who tried to investigate were confronted with MEK violence and defamation. Still the MEK base was exposed as a click farm disseminating false and misleading information and trolling social media accounts with their own fake personalities. More than any other European or North American journalists, Albanians Jazexhi and Thanasi have come under vicious attack by the MEK. It is they who have exposed the MEK’s behaviour in their country and their government and security services’ complicity. Parsi sums it up:

“The two Albanian journalists may have put a very accurate conclusion to all reports on the MEK cult-like establishment when they compare members inside the group’s camp to Khashoggi — Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi the Saudi Arabian dissident, author, who was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018 by agents of the Saudi government. ‘Such a big increase in death rate shows that death is a routine in the [MEK] camp like eating breakfast or lunch’, Thanasi says. They assert that they are aware that most MEK members have no blood on their hands and they are just some ‘poor fellows who wastes their lives for thirty years or more’. It seems that the MEK as a mass entity is considered as a no-news and no-go zone for the Albanian authorities but members of the MEK are some forgotten individuals with no rights as human beings. Their health condition and wellbeing are being ignored by their cruel leaders and also Albanian officials.”

++ Iran’s reaction to the jailing of its diplomat Assadollah Asadi in Europe was reported by Mehr News. Iran believes the plot to frame Assadi was designed by Mossad. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that “The West’s support for the anti-Iran terrorist group of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq Organisation (MKO), showed once again itself in the form of convicting an Iranian diplomat by the name of Assadollah Assadi, on baseless charges to 20 years in prison.”

Feb 05, 2021

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