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Family appeal for supervision over health conditions on MEK camps

Hojjat Rezaei brother

To whom it may concern,
I, Ahmad Rezaei Torghi, have not heard of my brother Hojjat Rezaei Torghi, for the thirty past years. He is a member of the Mojahedin Organisation and is currently a resident of Camp Ashraf 3 based in Albania. In the current circumstances, where visas are not issued to Iranians by the embassy of Albania, we can not be informed of my brother’s health and well-being personally.

Hojjat Rezaei brother

Following the collective follow-up of the families, the complaints raised to the officials of the Albanian government, regarding the follow-up and surveillance of this matter, we have not been able to receive an answer so far and we have no way to contact my brother in Albania to find out about his condition. With the sabotage and opposition of the leaders of the Mojahedin Organization to connect the members with their families and preventing the supervision of the Human Rights Organization and the World Health Organization to solve these problems, it has created many concerns for us.

We recently learned that following the outbreak of the corona virus, people living in Camp Ashraf 3 of the Mojahedin Organization, are suffering from corona disease and some of them have died. Due to the large population living in that base, which apparently due to lack of proper ventilation, their collective life in terms of health, are at risks of disease outbreak and death.

Therefore, we are worried about my brother Hojjat Rezaei. Therefore, we ask the relevant authorities to follow up on the residents of the camp with the necessary investigations, so that we can be informed about the health of my brother Hojjat by phone or video communication.
We will be grateful if you respond to the concerned families of these people.

Wishing the release of all the residents of Ashraf 3 base in Albania and thanking all the ones who help us in this humanitarian matter.


Ahmad Rezaei Torghi
Iran – Mashhad

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