The MEK must explain about the whereabouts of Hadi Sanikhani

The recently published letter on the MEK websites, allegedly signed by Hadi Sanikhani, has raised concerns over the fate of this former member of the group. The letter was published by the so-called Security and Counterterrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance which is the political vitrine of the Cult of Rajavi (aka Mujahedin Khalq, MEK, MKO, PMOI).

The content of the letter is against all former members of the MEK in Albania. The allegations that are claimed to be written by Hadi Sanikhani once more accuse defectors of the group as being agents of the Islamic Republic. This is not a new accusation about every person who leaves the MEK and reveals facts about the notorious life of inside the MEK.

Nevertheless, the most crucial issue that is raised up following the publication of the so-called letter is the proper person, Hadi Sanikhani. Right now, there is no information of his whereabouts. According to a letter to the UN, published by Dr. Olsi Jazexhi, the Abanian Historain and journalist, Hadi Sani- has been smuggled into France under the mujahedin command because he is officially a refugee in Albania and is not allowed to leave the Albanian territory.

Some sources from inside the MEK say that Sanikhani has probably been kidnapped by the group, smuggled to Paris and kept in one of the MEK’s safe houses, without any access to the outside world. Regarding that Sanikhani has not contacted his family in Iran for the past three weeks, the case seems to be critical. He used to call his family regularly since he had left the group a few years ago.

His family are highly concerned about him. In his last phone call, three weeks ago, he has been looking very down and in a terrible mood. He also asked his family for help without elaborating on any details.

Most former members of the MEK have experienced harassment and aggressive pressure from the MEK commanders after their defection from the group. They have sometimes been beaten repeatedly and violently or insulted and being abused publically. In different occasions their private residential have been attacked or even they have been taken as hostage. Jamshid Tafreshi is an example. He was a MEK defector who left the group years ago, but the group kidnapped him and even published a book under his name. Fortunately, he could finally mange to leave the group.

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