Has the MEK Smuggled Hadi Sanikhani to France?

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi comment the latest scandal of the Mujahedin-e Khalq ex-Terrorist Organization, MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult in Albania. In the past weeks the Mojahedens are believed to have trafficked into France an Iranian ex-terrorist foreign fighter, Hadi Sani Khani.

After his landing into France and with the support of MEK, Hadi has signed a letter which was published by the ex-terrorist commander of MEK Mehdi Abrichamtchi who now heads the Peace Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. In this letter Hadi whose name has been placed in the letter ‘exposes’ the ‘Demonization Campaign, Espionage, Terrorist Plots by the Iranian Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Embassy in Albania’.

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This letter which has the hallmarks of the Mojaheden command seem similar to the forced confessions that jihadi captives in Syria, Libya, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries are forced to read and sign by al-Qaeda, ISIS and Jahbat al-Nusra terrorist organizatons.

Olsi and Gjergji analyse the smuggling operation that MEK has carried from Albania into France. They question the role that #MaryamRajavi, #NCRI and Mahdi Abrichamchi has played in this smuggling operation. The Mojahedin have breached the security network of Albania, Greece and France. Together with Hadi they might have also smuggled weapons in Europe.

In a time when the United State and the European Powers are trying to re-enact the Iran Nuclear Deal, MEK is doing all it can to sabotage it. Olsi and Gjergji fear that Hadi Sani Khani might be used to carry a false flag terrorist attack in order to sabotage the American and European diplomatic efforts with #Iran for the #IranNuclearDeal.

Hadi whereabouts are not know since many days. He has gone offline after the publication of the letter on his behalf by Mehdi Abrichamtchi. His security is at risk. Olsi and Gjergji appeal to Hadi to surrender himself to French police and escape from the safe houses of MEK in France. MEK has a long precedence of false flag operations and assassination of its opponents.

Below is the response that Olsi and Gjergji have sent to many international personalities about the fake letter that Mehdi Ambrishamchi has issued in the name of Hadi Sani-Khani

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