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US Agrees with Iraqi Control over MKO

Iraqi security minister said the MKO was a source of unrest in Iraq.

Shirvan al-Vaeli, Iraq’s security minister, said in an interview with London-based Al-Hayat that "the MKO had created security crisis in Iraq."

"Initial agreements have been reached between Iraqi government and the US, which is responsible for protecting MKO members in Iraq, on the issue of how to protect these people," he added.

"Some European countries as well as Iran, which have pardoned some MKO members, are ready to accept them."

Quoting this report, IRNA said:

"National Security minister of Iraq said that around 4000 MKO members in Iraq would possibly be transferred to Europe in a near future.

According to Shirvan al-Vaeli, whose comments were published on Wednesday, some European countries have announced preparedness to accept MKO members.

In addition to these countries, Islamic Republic of Iran has also pardoned MKO members, this Iraqi official added.

He said the MKO was a source of insecurity in Dyala province in Iraq.

Currently, the US forces are protecting MKO members in Camp Ashraf in Dyala province.

Although the US has always claimed to be watching all activities of MKO, preventing them from conducting political and military operations, Iraqi government and Iraqi political figures say the MKO has created unrest in Dyala.

Camp Ashraf, MKO’s main base in Iraq, has been a place for political meetings with anti-Iranian Arab groups since the invasion to Iraq in 2003.

It should be noted that Iraqi Interim Government ordered the expulsion of MKO in 2003 but Americans have so far prevented the execution of this order.


A-Hayat, London, April 25, 2007

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