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A New Definition of Democracy

"Britain is the world’s oldest democracy. It is undemocratic, however, for it to break the law by refusing to remove the PMOI from the list," said Lord King of West Bromwich from Tony Blair’s ruling Labour Party addressing a scanty mob supporting the terrorist MKO. The pack, reported now to be on its 26th day, has gathered outside the British Foreign Office in London to protest the continued refusal of the British government to remove the name of MKO from the terrorist list.

Mr. King’s remark challenging the UK’s democracy for the just decision of keeping the proscribed MKO on the list means far beyond support for a terrorist cult. In his lexicon, democracy is defined as support for the terrorists and unleashing them into the society which explicitly challenges his country’s past practice of democracy.

Democracy being so defined, the terrorists are emboldened to draw back the guns under the gowns and to wear mask of pro-democracy.


mojahedin.ws    28/04/2007

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