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Dual standards in approaching terrorism

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mohammadi, in a speech delivered at the international conference on the culture of resistance held in Tehran said that “given that Iran has been a victim of terrorism more than any other country, it is quite sensitive to it”. It is the first international conference of the kind opened on the anniversary of Morteza Motahhari’s assassination, a victim of the wave of terrors triggered by MKO following the Islamic revolution.

He urged that the United Nations should define state terrorism within the framework of international terrorism and severely condemn it. He said that no comprehensive definition has been presented by the UN for terrorism.

He added that difference of views on terrorism is the most important obstacle facing the UN General Assembly towards campaign against it after 2001.

"Today terrorism has been divided into two types, including good and bad. The present activities of the terrorist MKO group is a clear example of the West’s dual standards in approaching terrorism," he said.

Urging the need for a broad-based definition of terrorism, he said that it should be defined in such a way as to include governments’ use of force (state terrorism).


IRNA – 02/05/2007

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