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The MKO’s double standards over democracy and terrorism

Over the past weeks the Iranian society have been concerned over two different issues: The kidnapping of five Iranian border guards by Jaish-ul-Adl terrorist group and the alleged offensive dialogue in the TV serial that caused complaint of the Iranian  Bakhtiari tribe. Departed from the authentic Iranian community, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) has taken a much different approach regarding these two facts.

The Sunni terrorist group Jaish ul-Adl of Iran (“Army of Justice of Iran”), the apparent successor to Jundullah, took responsibility for abducting the Iranian soldiers. Reportedly, the Takfiri group confirmed on its twitter account that it has kidnapped them. While the Iranian community all over the world condemned the Taliban-like kidnapping of the young Iranian hostages, the MKO has kept a tactical silence because it has always supported Al-Qaida-linked separatist groups. The MKO has been a supporter of the ex- leader of the terrorist Judullah, Abdulmalek Rigi openly calling him the leader of a democratic movement.

The MKO’s meaningful silence over the life of the Iranian soldiers who are at risk of being slaughtered by radical extremists evokes the violent anti-Iranian substance of the Cult of Rajavi. While online social networks are overwhelmed with waves of Iranians’ solidarity for kidnapped border guards, the MKO websites exaggeratedly focus on what they call "Bakhtiari Uprising" in Iran.

Using fake and true photos of Bakhtiari demonstrations in some Iranian provinces the MKO opportunists make efforts to trouble the waters of a democratic protest which may happen in any democratic society. The democratically stated demand of the Bakhtiari Iranians was met. The officials of the state-run Iranian TV stopped showing the TV serial. They also apologized to Bhakhtiari fellowmen for the alleged offensive language used in the serial. However the MKO propaganda tried to reflect the act of TV authorities as "retreat before Bakhtiari popular uprising"!

As a matter of fact, apology is a healing icon of democracy. The role of accountability, apology, and forgiveness in a democratic community is really helpful, very opposite to the uncivil discourse in the cult-like MKO which is based on hurling words at members, turning pain outward and projecting it on other people who are ideologically opposite–or at least perceived to be. When we reflect on our own behavior and apologize to those who we have hurt–even unintentionally–  we create a space for light to break in. Space for a real conversation and for renewal and healing. A secure space that member trapped in the MKO structure absolutely lack.

According to numerous international reports and testimonies of former members of the MKO, inside the group, dissident voice is harshly suppressed by the leaders. Critics of the group are all labeled as "the agent of the Regime" so they are deserved to be extremely punished. No protest is allowed in the MKO. No space for light to break in.

By Mazda Parsi

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