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Dear Bro; mum was obsessed with you until the last day of her life

Farzin Hashemi was born in Arak, Iran. He left Iran for England to continue his studies, in 1979. “He was a smart student in high school,” his brother Bahman says about him. “He was well-known as a hardworking student and a respectable guy in our neighborhood. He traveled to England immediately after he graduated from high school.”
Two years later he got back to Iran and stayed for a few months and again returned to England where he married a British girl and had two children. “He used to contact us from time to time,” Bahman recalls. “He used to post letters and present to us but after sometime we lost his track.”

It took Farzin’s family some time to get to know that Farzin had divorced his wife and left his children behind to join the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK/ MKO/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). As long as Farzin has been in the MEK, his family has not had any contact with him.

Farzin Hashemi's mother

Ms. Ashraf Mahallati; Farzin’s mother

Farzin’s mother, Ashraf Mahallati, passed away a few months ago while she was awaiting his son’s return. In an open letter to Farzin, a few months before her death, she wrote:

“I am a mother. I never forget my beloved son. Did you forget me? Why did you ruin your life? You are jailed in the hands of some cruel people […] I don’t know how I can contact you. I am sure that he will regret someday. You destroyed your happy life with your wife and children. The cult deceived you. […] It is not late. You can still make an accurate decision and free yourself. I am still looking forward to your return.”

Although the mother died, Bahman has not stopped his efforts to contact his brother in the MEK. He has so far published several letters to ask his brother to release himself from the cult-like structure of the group in which Farzin is allegedly a member of the so-called foreign committee of the National Council of Resistance, the political vitrine of the cult.

Bahman Hashemi

Bahman Hashemi; Farzin Hashemi’s Brother

In his recent letter to Farzin, Bahman writes:

“I have written several letters to you but unfortunately you did not respond…As I know you are not of the rank and file so you have access to the Internet and you must have read my letters. I want to open up to you. I want to talk about our mother who was obsessed with you until the last day of her life.
“The way you chose ruined your life and your family. You forgot your mother. Let me speak openly. Your organization is in a cul-de-sac. The group’s ship is stuck in mud. There is no water under the ship to move it. My dear brother! Farzin! Release yourself and live a free life.”

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