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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 300

Swedish Court In Albania Grinds On

++ The MEK is on overdrive to claim victory in the Swedish court case. This does not mean that the court has issued a verdict, we are months if not years away from that. No, they say that they are now the only witnesses in the court case. Indeed this is true, because Mesdaghi and his gang, who originally brought the case, have now disappeared. Whoever is paying for this court case has decided to support the MEK rather than both. As they say in Farsi – two Darvish can sleep on one rug, but two kings cannot live in one kingdom. Commentators say that ‘at least Mesdaghi has kept his dignity!’

++ More on the Swedish court in Albania. Commentators ask why the court has gone to Albania to take witness testimony? Why didn’t they send the witnesses to Sweden? Some say that it is clear: if they get to Sweden they will run away and claim asylum there. Many know these people from MEK. They explain: they have been killing and begging, but they have done so as Gladiators, forced to do this by Rajavi. If they have the chance, they will not go back to Albania. Maryam Rajavi has to keep them captive there. Others comment that even though the judge could arrange visas for them to travel to Sweden, he knows they are fine to be used in Albania, but like dogs, should be kept in a kennel at the end of the garden. For the same reason, they don’t allow Maryam Rajavi out of Albania to visit the US, EU or UK. They will use her but not bring her inside the house.

++ Other commentators go into detail about the witnesses in the Swedish court case. One such witness is Mahnaz Meimanat, head of Maryam Rajavi’s office and a commander in Saddam’s Private Army. The MEK have published her mother’s picture as though she has been executed by Iran. But in the MEK’s Farsi archives, we discover that MEK have published a memoir about her as the oldest woman who was martyred in the failed Forough Javidan (Eternal Light) operation in 1988. In this sense it was Rajavi who killed this old woman, since she had no idea about war or fighting, and was actually taking watermelons to the front line for refreshment when she was killed. Some commentators say that there were many people like her, young kids and others brought to Iraq from abroad who were sent to get killed in Forough and later had their names published by MEK as though they had been executed. Any decent court would prosecute Rajavi for killing them rather than blaming Iran. Commentators say it is a ridiculous court in which the judge accepts testimony from people with these pasts: people who have never worked a day in their lives, or paid taxes, people who have killed, and proved daily that they go into the streets and lie to beg for money to give to Rajavi [Iran Aid charity collections], people who have had their suicide operative pledge published. The conclusion of all these ridiculous things is that this is not a court about justice, this is a reflection of the anger felt by Mossad and the US against Iranians. They want to punish the Iranian people for voting for Raisi. In fact, this court case is all about Raisi. This aligns with all the other issues that have arisen since his election. Suddenly Pence and Pompeo coming out in support of MEK for example. The anger is that not only was he elected, but that he might actually come to a deal in Vienna over the JCPOA. The Neocons and Israel and Saudis have reacted and want to derail this.

++ Abdul Karim Ebrahimi has published a lengthy piece about his own and others’ memories which they have published about how Massoud and Maryam Rajavi forced them to commit and live with horrible activities while in the MEK. For example, one woman who has escaped MEK tells how the MEK used her mother – who was executed – to kill people. She says ‘I knew my mother was not a murderer and that MEK made her do this. I was brought up with them and had nowhere else to go. They used to say my Mum was executed as a human rights activist but in fact her crime was that she had killed Iranian people My Dad was a torturer in Rajavi and Saddam’s prisons. I was brought up in this environment and had to live with these things. I was even sent to Forough Javidan as a child and had no say in this. If these are not crimes against humanity and war crimes then what is, and why are they [MEK] not in court?’ Ebrahimi concludes that Raisi’s election really hurt the anti-Iran coalition. Their Farsi outlets have been vigorously against Raisi since his election. Some commentators add that while we understand the Israeli ‘Manoto’ and Saudi ‘Iran International’ outlets are really hurt by the election in Iran, we don’t understand why VOA – which is paid for by the State Department under the Biden administration – is also on overdrive promoting the MEK in the hope Raisi’s government will stop talking and abandon the JCPOA. Whoever is in charge in the US, they conclude, it is not Joe Biden.

In English:

++ Nejat Society published the second part of its series Nine Women Under the Rule of Massoud Rajavi. In this part, Maryam Sanjabi who escaped the MEK’s notorious base, Camp Ashraf, in Iraq in 2011, recounts the stories of five more of these women under the abusive ruling of the MEK authorities.

++ Anne Khodabandeh wrote ‘Maryam Rajavi Enemy of Diplomacy’ to highlight Rajavi’s real agenda among all the anti-Iranian activities and propaganda. “There is only one reason why the MEK, through disinformation, character assassination and false accusations, would need to totally reject any move toward increasing diplomatic relations with Iran. That is because the very existence of this group depends on conflict, violence and enmity. Unfortunately for Maryam Rajavi, the world has moved on without her.”

++ Nejat Society reports on a petition signed by 1,700 families of the MEK members held captive in the MEK camp in Albania. The petition is addressed to Karim A A Khan QC, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It calls on the ICC to prosecute the leaders of the MEK who “continue to criminalize their followers and violate their most basic rights on European soil. And to rule for the rescue of hundreds of captives who are currently held incommunicado in the Rajavi Cult’s closed, isolated and remote camp in Albania.”

++ Press TV reports: “A senior official of Iran’s Judiciary has slammed Western countries for adopting a “selective” approach to human rights by allowing the anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorist organization to hold “ridiculous” meetings on the issue.
“Kazem Gharibabadi, the Iranian Judiciary chief’s deputy for international affairs and secretary of the country’s High Council for Human Rights, made the remarks on Saturday, two days after the MKO ringleader delivered an online address to an Italian Senate panel.
“Gharibabadi strongly condemned the session, calling on the Italian government and Senate to end their “dual and destructive policies” towards terrorism and human rights.”

++ Mehr News reported that the “Secretary of Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council Kazem Gharibabadi has lambasted the European countries for supporting the MKO as well as siding with the US sanctions against Tehran while claiming to be HR defenders… in an apparent reference to gatherings in European countries and the United States organized by the MKO terrorist organization which are usually attended by the hawkish US politicians, Gharibabadi lambasted the Western countries for their double standards regarding human rights. He pointed out that while the Western governments sponsor the atrocities committed by the MKO Iranian innocent Iranians, they make claims on the human rights situation in Iran.”

Nov 12, 2021

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