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Iran warns about MKO linked European al-Qaeda Cells in EU Countries

MKO remains on EU terrorist list

Iran has described the recent European Union’s move to keep the MKO on the list of terrorist groups as a proper but insufficient measure.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said on Monday that the European Union is expected to abide by its international commitments and adopt an all-out and unbiased campaign against terrorism and terrorist groups.

According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Foreign Ministry, Hosseini recalled the crimes perpetrated by the MKO including the murder of many Iranian high-ranking officials and civilians.

He lambasted the EU for failing to enter the so-called ‘National Resistance Council of Iran in its list of terrorist organizations and called on the EU to avoid a selective approach.

Hosseini warned the EU against the formation of a new MKO-linked group which he described as’The European al-Qaeda’.

He also underlined the EU’s duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the UNSC Resolution 1273 and called on the EU countries to prevent the financial activities, money laundering as well as publicity campaign of the group which enable it to continue with its terrorist acts.

Press tv, June 02, 2007

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