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Cult leader Masud Rajavi gives go-ahead to kill witnesses in European countries.

An open letter to the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

A communiqué was issued on June 07, 2007 by the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO)’s cult leader Massoud Rajavi, who has been a fugitive since the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

In the communiqué, Rajavi names three people, including myself, who are witnesses in the on-going investigation against the cult by the French Judiciary, and specifically describes them as "the agents of the Iranian secret services". For those familiar with the MKO cult, this is clearly understood to be Rajavi’s method of issuing a death sentence to be carried out by his followers.

On June 17, 2007 over 50 people associated with the MKO cult lay in wait to attack a public meeting in Paris at which the three persons mentioned above were among the invitees. It was later revealed that the attack had been orchestrated from the MKO cult HQ in Auvers-sur-Oise. According to French police, the assailants in this violent attack had been transferred to France from other European countries. None had French documents, some had false documents. The attackers also filmed their activities at the scene. This was reminiscent of the series of orchestrated self-immolations following the arrest of the cult leader’s wife Maryam Rajavi in June 2003, which were also filmed by the cult’s activists.

There is evidence that at least some part of the military-style operation on June 17 had targeted the three individuals named in Massoud Rajavi’s recent communiqué in an assassination attempt. The incident is currently being investigated by French police.

There is clear evidence that some of those involved in the violent attack were MKO militants trained by Saddam Hussein in Iraq who had been sent directly from Camp Ashraf to European countries in the past few months. Camp Ashraf is of course guarded by the American Army in Iraq. Following the capture of Camp Ashraf terrorist base in 2003, US officials – both military and civil – processed all the captured combatants, taking DNA and fingerprint evidence and issuing them with ID cards. Several of these people have been recently seen in the UK, Germany, France and Netherlands participating in MKO activities in the EU.

It is clear that responsibility for the lives of people attacked by a terrorist organisation which is apparently favoured by some Israeli lobbies and neo-conservative circles to be used to carry out terrorist acts against Iranians, Iraqis and others, cannot be laid at the door of the cult itself, but must rest with the people who have been maintaining them as a terrorist force whether in Iraq or in Europe and North America. Those who have refused to dismantle the MKO’s infrastructure and continue to support them financially as well as loosening their leashes in western countries will be held accountable for any harm which comes to those either directly named and threatened by Massoud Rajavi or to any others who are harmed by implication.

Yours Sincerely,

Anne Singleton.


Mrs Michele Alliot-Marie, French Interior Minister

Dr Wolfgang Schauble, German Interior Minister

Ms Dr Guusje Ter Horst, Netherlands Interior Minister

Dr Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, USA

Anne Singleton, June 09, 2007

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