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Masud Rajavi (Cult leader): We will never give up militarism to assume power

A Masqueraded Partisan of Democracy Preaching War

In contrast to its widespread propaganda to have adopted a strategy of pro-democracy in its struggle, MKO’s bellicosely terrorist nature pops out of its leader’s messages. In most of speeches delivered by Maryam Rajavi after the organization’s great shift following the fall of Saddam, she has put forth the third option of democratic change in Iran. The organization has also expressly renounced all military activities since June 2001, as stated in the judgment of the Court of First Instance. The spell seems to have worked on some European lawmakers and American congressmen since they might have been kept in dark about the true nature of the organization that for solid evidences occupies a permanent position on global terrorist lists.

While in Western countries MKO’s appointed agents are in a ceaseless attempt to remove the terrorist tag from the group through advertising pseudo-democratic claims, the leader’s message to the insiders residing in Camp Ashraf, and of course the sympathizers throughout the world, aims to bolsters the members’ combative morale and contains military threats against Iran. The gist of Massoud Rajavi’s latest message issued from his hideout on 29 October is that the organization never withdraws from its long-advocated policy of resorting to terrorism and militarism to assume political power. Addressing Iranian statesmen Rajavi concludes:

But if you paid no heed and fancied that there would possibly be no war and no land forces,… the final rendezvous of the National Liberation Army (NLA) with you would be in Tehran.

It is an evident fact that Mojahedin adopted the policy of armed struggle not since it was deemed to be a necessity but much because it is innately instituted in its ideology. A review of the organization’s early pamphlets and publications proves that resort to militarism and armed warfare before delineating the struggle strategy is a solution to the vital question of to be or not to be. Renunciation of terrorism and militarism, although MKO has refrained to denounce publicly, first needs a through ideological polish, something MKO has dodged to go through at least up to now.

The main problem lies in the fact that many have failed to grasp the seriousness of the threat. By taking advantage of the global underestimation, Mojahedin play for time through a disguise of pro-democracy. The world has the right to know, so as to be protected against the horrors and atrocities of terrorism, that what the organization advertises and practices in the face of the public is in total contradiction with its ideological bindings. And the world has the right to know why Massoud Rajavi’s messages, originally in Farsi, are rarely translated into other languages while his wife’s speeches are translated into many languages before they are delivered!

Mojahedin.ws, November 9, 2007  


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