Nejat Society and families; main contradictions to the MEK

Reliable information obtained from some sources, including within the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), indicates that the MEK’s sensitivities towards the activities of the Nejat Society have increased significantly compared to previous years.
This information shows that the MEK, in its political communications and lobbying, has launched a large-scale campaign against the Nejat Society and the activities of the families, and is desperately trying to induce that these activities are all planned by the Iranian intelligence in order to introduce the purpose of laying the groundwork for terrorist operations.

The Rajavi cult is trying to republish the counterfeits against the CEO of the Nejat Society on various monetary sites in Europe and the United States from more than 10 years ago at great expense, and display them to the audience as new first-hand information.
The Rajavi cult also tries to, by selecting and translating the contents of the Nejat website and presenting them to Albanian and European officials, prove that the families who want to meet their loved ones in the MEK camp in Albania are all Iranian intelligence officials that pursue terrorist intentions.

It goes without saying that these efforts have largely turned against themselves, and many audiences have realized that the main opposition of the Rajavi cult is merely families, and like all mind control destructive cults in the world, considers its members’ families the main enemy. The MEK has always failed to answer this question that “What security threat can some elderly mothers and fathers pose to them in Albania?”. Many have assessed such activities of the MEK as a sign of helplessness and nervousness, and of course propaganda against the Nejat Society and its CEO.

The main problem and reason for the fear of the Rajavi cult is the establishment and registration of “ASILA” as an association for the protection of the basic rights of Iranians living in Albania and its relationship with the Nejat Society and families inside Iran, which is a turning point in their presence in Albania.

What is true and what the leaders of the MEK want to cover up is that the members of this cult have no basic human rights, including the right to marry and start a family and have children, the right to communicate with the outside world, particularly family and friends, and the right to receive salaries for their work. They are also deprived of many other rights recognized in the UN Charter of Human Rights.
As far as suffering and awaiting families are concerned, they are determined not to give up on achieving their ultimate goal, which is to gain the rights of their children, especially the right to family visit, and certainly slander and insults made by the Rajavi cult will not cause families to retreat.

By Atefeh Nadalian,

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