Nejat Families urge ASILA directors to make their voice heard by the Albania Gov.

On Friday December 31st ,2021 a video link was set between a number of MEK members families of Khuzestan Province and ASILA association members.
The families of the MEK hostages were gathered together from the cities of Ahwaz, Khorramshahr, Abadan and Andimeshk.

Nejat families met and exchanged views with Mr. Dashamir Mersuli , CEO and Hassan Heirani, Executive Director of the ASILA as well as a number of MEK defectors living in Albania.
Recounting the pains and sufferings of long years being away from their loved ones, the families urged the directors of the ASILA Association to try to make their voices heard after many years and to pave the way for them to travel to Albania and meet their loved ones.

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