From Torturer to Petty Thief – MEK Terrorists Mohammad Sadat Darbandi

Albanian police have arrested former Iranian terrorist Mohammad Sadat Darbandi, nicknamed “Kak Adel” (in Kurdish language Brother Adel). He, along with some Albanian thieves, had terrorized small businesses in the Municipality of Kamez, breaking into some of them to steal.

Link to official PDF File on the arrest of MEK Terrorists Mohammad Sadat Darbandi

It is interesting that this Iranian thief has committed monstrous crimes not only against his compatriots in Iran, but also against his comrades in the MEK organization, currently known as the Rajavi Cult. He was the head of the MEK prison in Camp Ashraf in the Diyala Governorate in Iraq. In collaboration with Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat (military intelligence) operatives, he tortured dozens of members of the MEK organization, who were theoretically his comrades-in-arms against the Iranian government! This stinking thief, in addition to Iranian blood, has painted his hands with Iraqi Kurdish blood and other Iraqi blood, those who are part of Iraqi social groups called “abd” and “grook”!

Mohammad Sadat Darbandi, nicknamed “Kak Adel”

Interestingly, the Israeli adviser and the American adviser to SAVAK, had in the seventies in the last century, among other things, marked in his personal file (as he was imprisoned along with the former terrorist leader Massoud Rajavi) his tendency to steal whatever he could.

Already the Albanian Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed my alarm about such garbage, with the blood of his comrades and compatriots on his hands! These people on the ropes are a real and present threat to the security, honour, life and wealth of Albanians.

I hope that the director Gledis Nano will be mature and order his subordinates to take urgent measures against such scum, that were imposed on us in Manze!

Gjergji Thanasi, Facebook page,

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