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My father is a prisoner of the MEK Cult

Leila Kiukan

Leila was only two years old when her father left Iran. ”My father and I have never heard each other’s voice”, she says. Leila has no memory of her father.

Leila’s father; Rahim Kiukan who as a supporter of the MEK was brainwashed by the instincts of the MEK cult left his family in 1981 and joined the group in Iraq. The family have had no news of him since then.
A 10 cm family photo, is the only memory, Leila has of his father.

A court session has been held in Tehran in March 2021, to look into the complaints filed a by a group of the MEK ex-memebrs, who have managed to leave the group after several years of being under torture and oppression by the cult leaders. Leila participated the court session as a victim of the group. Here is part of the interview with Ms. Kiukan:

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