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MEK former prisoner letter to the ICC prosecutor

Mohammad Reza Pirnazari

Mr. Karim Khan
Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Greetings and Regards,
I am Doust Mohammad Farahi Mahalleh Kalaei from Jouybar city in Mazandaran province in northern Iran. I joined the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) in 1987 and left the organization in 1993.
During this time, the MEK officials never allowed me to contact my family, and my family never noticed my presence in the organization, thus leaving my family in complete ignorance.
In 1993, I decided to leave the MEK, but the officials of the organization imprisoned me in Camp Ashraf. I was tortured in prison, one of the torturers was named Majid Alamian. I was severely pressured and beaten in prison to dissuade me from leaving the organization. I was beaten every time I asked to leave. I was imprisoned in Ashraf for four months.

After that, when they faced my insistence, they transferred me to the Ramadi refugee camp and gave me a hundred Dinars. This was while a hundred Dinars was not worth it at all and they never thought about how I could live with this amount of money.
I stayed in the Ramadi camp for a year. During this one year, I ate food out of the garbage to stay alive and in this way I was able to survive.

Mohammad Reza Pirnazari

Mohammad Reza Pirnazari

When the MEK officials handed me over to the security forces at Ramadi camp, they told them that I was an Iranian spy so as I was constantly beaten by them. In this way, they intended to dissuade me from my decision and bring me back to Camp Ashraf.

A year later, with the presence of the Red Cross in the camp, my name was written down and I was taken to the prison in the Iraqi city of Khanaqin. There, I was handed over to the Iraqi security forces and they left me at the Iranian border in the minefield to return to Iran. They thought that I could not cross the minefield and therefore I would return to the organization.However,thanks God I was able to cross the minefield and reached Iran safely.
I was under severe pressure in the MEK so much that they did not even allow me to tell my family about my health.

As a victim of the MEK Cult who has had the experience of the prisons and tortures of the MEK, I have complaints and I demand that the leaders of the MEK be punished for the crimes they committed. I am an eye witness, a living document of the crimes against humanity within the MEK.
I am ready to testify in any court about the torture and oppression that the MEK has imposed on me.

Doust Mohammad Farahi Mahalleh Kalaei
Jouybar – Mazandaran – Iran

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