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Former POW pens letter to the ICC prosecutor

Gholam Ali Mirzaei

Mr.karim Assad khan
The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Your Excellency,
My name is Gholam Ali Mirzaei. As a military soldier I was imprisoned by the Iraqi forces at the very beginning of the 1990s Iran-Iraq war.
I was subjected to severe tortures in Saddam’s POW camps for nearly ten years and I resided there in The worst human conditions.

In 1998 when a ceasefire was established between two countries, the MEK with the cooperation of the Iraqi government entered the POW camps and deceived a large number of Iranian POWs through propaganda and false promises. We were all unaware about our countries conditions as well as that of our families. We did know nothing about the Mujahedin. They transferred us to Camp Ashraf. shortly after, we realized the bizarre conditions inside the group.The group leaders abused members ranging from detention and persecution of those wishing to leave the organization, to lengthy solitary confinements, severe beatings, and torture.

Your Excellency,
Leaders of the MEK make efforts to manipulate the minds of their followers; they try to form the members’ minds as robots with Artificial Intelligence.our conditions got worse within the MEK camps.
I ask you to expedite the case of the MEK leaders.

Gholam Ali Mirzaei,
MEK former member

Gholam Ali Mirzaei

Gholam Ali Mirzaei

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