The MEK should be blacklisted again

“The main reason for de-listing the MEK from British, EU & U.S. terrorist lists (FTO) was the organization’s public claim – and subsequent legal guarantee – that they had renounced violence since 2001 and would continue to do so,” Reza Nasri, an international lawyer and legal expert, wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

However, a minor explosion in a southeastern Tehran in the Malek Ashtar Basij headquarters on Saturday night, resulted in minor infrastructure damage. In a statement, the MKO claimed responsibility for the explosion.

In their statement issued on the same night, the terrorist group claimed the attack was carried out by “revolutionary cells”.

Reza Nasri

“In light of this recent development, the UK, EU and U.S. – along with Canada – should seriously consider revising their past decision and designate MEK again as a terrorist organization,” Nasri continued in his thread of tweets.

According to the legal expert, aside from doing justice to the thousands of Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish victims that were killed or maimed by this brutal cult over the years, designating MEK again would be viewed as a good-faith gesture that will have a positive impact on the ongoing JCPOA negotiations.

“This is the Western countries’ opportunity to show good-faith, break the negotiations’ deadlock and set the ground for a sustainable and long-term cooperation with Iran. Don’t miss it!” Nasri noted, advising the Americans.

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