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Maryam Rajavi has sent 300 Iranian foreign fighters to Europe: declares Albanian judge Etleva Deda

Thanasi and Jazexhi

Gjergji Thanasi and Olsi Jazexhi discuss the latest attacks that Maryam Rajavi, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran are doing against their defectors in Albania. While DAESH / Jahbat al Nusra in Syria used to kill their defectors, the Mojaheden are using Albanian security officials to attack the defectors.

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MEK fights from Albania a proxy war with Iran on behalf of Israel. MEK claims that in March 2018 Iran wanted to attack it, and used this justification together with Israel to deport the Iranian ambassador from Albania. MEK claims that Pasdar, Iranian secret service operates in Albania to attack Maryam Rajavi and her foreign fighters. Rajavi is particularly nervous with defectors of her cult. Many Iranians have escaped from MEK and now live in freedom in Albania. This creates a major existential crisis for MEK since the defections are causing the death of the organization. Maryam Rajavi and her first husband Mehdi Abrishamci claim that the defectors of jihad are supported by a number of Albanians. In the past years and with the support of US institutions they have managed to push Albanian authorities to fight on behalf of MEK against the defectors.

On July 15, Maryam Rajavi managed to convince Albanian prosecutor Vladimir Mara and judge Etleva Deda to raid the homes of Iranian defectors. During the search, the police did not find anything illegal. The search warrant released by judge Etleva Deda shows that 400 mojahedens have abandoned the ex-terrorist organization and 300 foreign fighters have smuggled themselves into the European Union. Thanks to the Zionist lobbying on behalf of MEK, Albanian authorities do not jail MEK commanders who have been caught smuggling drugs and humans into Europe and do money laundering.

Olsi and Gjergji make fun of the ways how Maryam Rajavi tries to do money laundering in Albania. They even claim that even if Maryam Rajavi earns money by doing porn, she must justify the source of her income before she can deposit money in Albanian banks.
They ridicule the hysterical attacks of MEK against the Albanians who denounce the illegal activities of MEK and appeal to Albanian authorities to not become tools at the hand of an ex-terrorist organization.

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