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Iran says US destabilizing Iraq

Iran’s deputy foreign minister maintains that Americans are preventing the Iraqi government from establishing security by training terrorists.

Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Mohammad-Reza Baqeri made the remark in the Iranian holy city of Mashhad.

Baqeri said, during the recent negotiations, Iran had asked the Americans why they would not allow the Iraqi police to use up-to-date weapons, why they could not establish security in Iraq with over 150 thousand soldiers, and also why they ignored the fact that certain groups are becoming armed in Iraq.

Providing refuge for the widely recognized terrorist group MKO, not giving full authority to the Iraqi government over security matters and training terrorist groups were other questionable US activities the Iranians mentioned, said the deputy.

Baqeri emphasized that Iran had negotiated with the US with the sole purpose of helping the Iraqi people and their government.

He also added Iran’s stance towards the US would not change unless it changes its offensive domineering attitude.

 Presstv – 11/08/2007


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