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Mahrokh missing her husband through 35 years of custody in the MEK

Mahrokh Rabani, the wife of Massoud Toosi Bakhsh has not visited her husband for 35 years. Massoud Toosi Bakhsh is located in the headquarters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq in Albania. He has not been allowed to contact his family since he was recruited by the group in 1988.

Mahrokh Rabani was interviewed by the Iranian media in the recent event held by Nejat Society for the first public presentation of the documentary “from Tirana to Tehran”. As well as other families who took part in the event, Mahrokh spoke of her own experience of being the wife of a member of the MEK.
“My Husband was an educated person,” she said. “He was brainwashed in the MEK, it was like some drugs were injected into his body to make him forget his past life.”

Massoud Toosi Bakhsh family

Massoud Toosi Bakhsh family

Mahrokh Rabani who has grown up his two sons, Milad and Mehran, alone, continued, “My husband was a lovely man. When he was taken as a war prisoner my children were 6 months old and 6 years old.”

When the MEK was located in Iraq, Mahrokh and her sons traveled to Iraq several times to meet Massoud. They picketed behind the gates of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, Iraq. They were never allowed to visit Massoud. They were even insulted by the group agents.
“I climbed a rail in front of Camp Ashraf and shouted the name of my husband,” she recounts. “My husband must have heard me but the MEK leaders pressured him under torture and did not allow him to meet us.”

Some years ago, MEK’s propaganda media published an article allegedly signed by Massoud Toosi in which he accused his family of being agents of the Iranian intelligence ministry and want to kill MEK members!

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