Hassan Heyrani’s mother appeal to the UNHCR and the Albanian gov.

Fatemeh Hosseini, the mother of Hassan Heyrani asked the Albanian government to end detention of her son. In a video message she asked for the release of Hassan, member of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA) who together with 5 other ASILA members have been detained in Karrec detention center.

Regarding the uncertain situation of her son after two months of detention, Fatemeh Hosseini is seriously concerned about his health because they have gone on hunger strike to protest the limbo he has been kept in.

To download the video file click here

She asks the Albanian government, the UN High commissioner of Refugees and the mass media not to remain passive about violation of the rights of the detained members of ASILA.

In the last two months ago, Hassan and 5 other members of ASILA have been imprisoned by the Albanian border and immigration Police without being accused of any charge.

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