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MEK’s return to terror acts

Are the MEK leaders after terrorizing the Iranian people at streets, as before?

MEK terror activities

Recent videos of the so-called rebel units of the Mujahedin-e Khalq show that the group is clearly resorting to armed struggle. As an armed rebel group, with a long history of terrorist activities and eventually a long list of civilian victims, the MEK has never left its capacity of committing acts of terrorism.

The so-called members of the MEK’s rebel units are demonstrated in bizarre videos chanting slogans against the Iranian leaders and the son of the late shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi! However, what is worth to care about is the message given by the gun in the hand of some of the group’s agents in the videos. The guns may even be toy guns as the agents seem illiterate naïve people who have been paid to play their parts in the videos, but it connotes the aspirations of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi for launching violence and terror in the streets of Iranian cities.

The MEK Rebel Unit

The MEK so called rebel units with gun shows that the MEK leaders are to launch violence and terror in the streets of Iranian cities

The MEK Rebel Unit

Are the MEK leaders after terrorizing the Iranian people at streets, as before?

This was quite predictable about the MEK. Today, over a decade after the MEK was removed from the list of foreign terrorist organizations of the US State Department, the group’s supporters still are not granted security clearance to own sensitive positions in the US government. Michael Rubin has clarified it in his article on AEIdeas titled “Why Can’t Mujahedin-e-Khalq Supporters get Security Clearances?”

Rubin concludes that the MEK has far less support than it claims and/or there are other impediments to its members’ entry into federal service. Also, the group’s financial practices and its opaque financial resources appear to undermine the ability of associates to get security clearances.

Rubin continues to warn American authorities about the threat of the MEK. In his most recent article, he reminds them of the FBI document published in 2004. Rubin quotes a part of the document:
“Los Angeles investigation has determined that the MEK is currently actively involved in planning and executing acts of terrorism. The planning takes place at MEK bases in Iraq and at the Auver Sur Oise location in Paris, France. Los Angeles has consensually recorded numerous telephone calls in which MEK leaders at this French location discuss specific acts of terrorism to include bombings. Joint investigation with the French DST and the German Cologne Police Department has revealed similar findings from French and German wire taps.”

Planning terror acts, carrying and using weapons, launching handmade explosives, setting fire in public places are violent acts committed by the MEK. These terror acts are undeniable because the group’s propaganda websites boast of them on daily bases. Human rights activists, the international community, US and Albanian governments should take the responsibility for preventing Maryam Rajavi from spreading terror and intimidation.

Mazda Parsi

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