How is Edi Rama’s regime and the Mojahedin cult of Maryam Rajavi fighting the Iranian opposition?

In the following video Olsi Jazexhi interviews Mr. Hassan Heyrani, an Iranian defector who has defected and denounced the Mojahedin cult since 2017. Mr. Heyrani has exposed to the world the crimes of the MEK cult. His exposure of MEK has turned Mr. Heyrani into the enemy number one of Maryam Rajavi and her Mojahedin command. Since 2021 the Albanian government has openly taken sides with the Mojahedin cult, and Iranian defectors and opposition to Maryam Rajavi like Mr. Heyrani have been persecuted and deported from Albania.

Mr. Heyrani was accused by MEK of being an Iranian agent and the Mojahedin sent counter-terrorism police against him. MEK pays and uses top US officials like Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, the former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs and other retired US officials to personally attack Mr. Heyrani. MEK wants to silence its democratic opposition in Albania and for this they use even US officials.

The Albanian government which has failed to legally jail Mr. Heyrani and other Iranian defectors, have put them under illegal detention, removed their asylum documents and has forced many of them to leave Albania. Many Iranians who denounce MEK terrorism and human rights abuses have been illegally jailed, separated from their wives, deported from Albania. Their only crime is speaking the truth and explaining to the world the horrible human rights abuses which MEK does with Iranians in Albania.

Hassan Heyrani who was illegally jailed and forced by the Albanian government to leave Albania, is now safe and free. He has taken refuge in Greece.

In this video Olsi and Hassan address Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield and other payed supporters of MEK. They invite Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield and other US officials to a public debate over the notorious crimes of the Mojahedin cult of Maryam Rajavi.

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