Why MEK is considered as an ungrateful group for Albania

Leaked photo of MEK's Albanian headquarters

It is already known that the mujahedin organization came to Albania as part of a promised dream, to be away from their country, Iran and the Iranian regime.
The MEK organization for more than 10 years has come with the status of humanitarian shelter, which caused a lot of trouble in relation to the neighboring countries, but it was a diplomatic relationship of that time, which favored this community to be able to get the green light In our country.

At that time, more than 30 Mujaheds were accepted into Albania by the government of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha. They were congratulated both by international institutions and by representatives of the USA.

After this step they moved from the initial location in Kashar, and relocated more than 3000 members of this organization to a camp called Ashraf 3 in Manez, near the city of Durrës.

But, with full generosity, the Albanian citizens, despite their skepticism, accepted this fact for this coexistence that was organized, since the MEK community was closed only in that location.

According to official data, then the number of deserters or those who left the MEK camp, who surrendered to the institutions of our country, to seek according to a legal protocol to live freely in our country, has naturally increased.

Even though the MEK continued its activity in silence, fearing the transparency of information about what was happening inside that camp, this information was transmitted by former members who left that camp.

This is where the Albanian institutions came into play, which offered him support to live freely and to make it possible to communicate with him why it was necessary to leave that camp.
Their confession turns out to be unbelievable even for the employees of the institution, when it was proven that many basic human rights are prohibited in that camp.
They make it official that communication with their families is forbidden, it is forbidden to have a family, even for those who are married, they have to divorce only for the interests of the organization.

However, in retrospect, they fell prey to a scam by this organization where they were promised that they would live in a European country where they would live freely, but the truth turned out to be different.

Some of them in public interviews in the Albanian media have claimed that they were trained for cyber purposes.

It is known that from the control reports of suspicion of policies, policy structures and the appearance of a routine in the premises of the MEK, and the door has been closed for a control reason.

Why all this non-transparency in a foreign country? What were they hiding?

But policy resistance meant that a number of servers that turned out to be used for negative purposes emerged as material evidence to be prosecuted.
Albania does not deserve a group that is treated without freedom and respect to human rights.

Aldo Sulollari/ Alfapress.al

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