“No to forced hijab, religion and government” a big lie by Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi

The Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) has published a book called “No to compulsory hijab, No to compulsory religion, No to compulsory government” in English, which apparently contains a selection of Maryam Rajavi’s speeches.

For those who have gone through a long and painful experience of being in the coercive relations of the MEK, even the title of the book attracts a lot of attention. How and with what attitude can the leader of a destructive cult who runs her organization by sheer coercion comment on coercion!!

In the case of “no to compulsory hijab”, it should be asked how can a group that does not enjoy any concept called “free choice of clothing” in its relationships claim to say no to forced hijab.
In the Cult of Rajavi, women are forced to always wear hijab. If a bit of women’s hair is seen, they will be dealt with harsh punishments. how can Maryam Rajavi claim the slogan “No to compulsory hijab”?! When all women and even men are strongly forced to observe the type of covering that the group has determined for them, how can they really claim, “no to compulsory hijab”?

all women and even men are strongly forced to observe the type of covering that the group has determined for them

Of course, we all know that using such empty promises is only to welcome the western politicians who are in the next step paid heavy amounts in order to deliver a five-minute speech on behalf of the group. The leaders of the MEK have to mask their fierce face in Western societies so that the current realities in their organizations remain hidden.

When we look inside the MEK’s relations, we see that they act completely opposite to their slogans, and their beliefs are 180 degrees different from what they say. Rajavi knows that if he reduces a bit of the ruling compulsions within the hierarchy of his cult, it will certainly collapse. This is the nature of cult-like systems.

The second phrase in the book’s title is “No to compulsory religion!”. A long list of testimonies of former members of the MEK state that in the cult like structure of the MEK, even people who are Muslim but Sunni are forced to behave according to Shia rulings. Based on many documented testimonies, those who did not believe in any religion and had joined the group for its political cause into, were eventually brainwashed and coerced to act as a Muslim does, performing Shia rituals. If from Maryam Rajavi’s point of view this religion is not compulsory, then what does it mean?

One can talk for hours about compulsory hijab and religion in the MEK. From gender segregation to the humiliation of men before the eyes of women and the handing over of the pyramid of power to women, it all shows the alleged dominance of women over relationships. Under the order of the disappeared leader of the cult, they have been forced to divorce their spouses. No one had the power to oppose but Massoud Rajavi had the power to have sexual relationships with all women in the higher ranks. Polygamy is not forbidden for Massoud Rajavi.
And the other thing mentioned in the title of the book is “No to compulsory for the government!”. In this matter, like in other parts of the title, human rights or democracy has no meaning for Maryam Rajavi.

Once Rajavi used to chant the slogan of “Islamic democratic government”, but now he has taken the word “Islamic” to deceive the West and instead, he is chanting the slogan of democracy. The conflicts of the MEK with other opposition groups over any political issue about Iran should be closely studied. Rajavi does not accept any government except what he says. She criticizes and threatens everyone who criticizes her and considers every opponent opinion as enemy.

Maryam Rajavi has claimed to write a book with such titles. No to forced hijab, religion and government, by the mouth of Maryam Rajavi is nothing more than a big lie. She violates these three concepts on daily basis within her organization. She is likely to intend to impose the same version, that is right now being executed in her cult, on the Iranian nation.

By Mazda Parsi

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