Ali Sepah Amiri children write letter to their captive father in the MEK camp

Ali Sepah Amiri

Dear father,
We, your children, pray to God for your health and safety. Dad! We were worried about you since you were in Iraq left in danger of war and insecurity. And now that you are in a faraway country, locked in a camp without any contact with your family, our worries have doubled and continue.

We are thinking of you and we tried to contact you through every possible channel, but in the end, our efforts remained fruitless, blocked by the cult of Rajavi in which you are trapped in.
We wrote letters to everywhere and we were active in the virtual space so that maybe you can find out about the situation of your children and the hopelessness that the MEK has planted in your heart and mind will fade and maybe it will be an opening where you can remove the cult barriers and choose your children.

Daddy! we are thinking of you always and at every moment we ask you to fulfill your fatherly duty for us. Take an action with your own free will as soon as possible and end this situation of indecision, misery and trouble in that anti-freedom Cult.

Your children
Afshin, Noshin, Neda

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