Consequences of holding court for MEK leaders in Iran

Iran begins trial of MEK members

The first court hearing for the trial of leaders of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) was held on Tuesday, December 12th, with five lawyers representing the accused. The trial is considered historical as it is the first time that the complaints of many plaintiffs are dealt with in a national court. This court of which the next session will be held next week will have some consequences.

The plaintiffs of the MEK include diverse groups: victims of the group’s terrorist operations including civilians and government officials, former members of the group who endured torture and imprisonment, families of current members of the group who are isolated behind the bars of the cult-like system of the group.

The complainants who were present in the first hearing were mostly civilians who were injured and amputated by the MEK terror acts. A number of them were family members of those killed by the terrorist operations of that responsibility was officially claimed by the MEK.

The court is a crucial step in the documentation process of the crimes committed by the MEK. The facts, testimonies and verdicts that are documented by the Iranian judiciary are expected to be considered as a background for a fair trial in international courts or in judiciary systems of France and Albania.

As a consequence of the recent hearing in Iranian judiciary, there is a possibility that the leaders of the MEK will be extradited to Iran. Once they are extradited to Iran, their trial will take place before the eyes of the accusers. Long time hatred of the Iranian nation for the MEK traitors will be countered.

The historic trial of 104 members of the MEK is regarded as a step towards peace and security for the Iranian people as well as the Europeans who host the group in France and Albania. The official documents of the court should be recorded as historical documents to condemn the Cult of Rajavi.

Mazda Parsi

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