Akbar Khosravi was kidnapped by the MEK

Akbar khosravi's brother

Hojat Khosravi, the brother of Akbar Khosravi visited Nejat Society office in Urumia. While meeting Nejat representatives there he asked the authorities of the Albanian government to provide him with the conditions to meet his brother Akbar who has been taken as a hostage by the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK).

Hojjat Khosravi further said, “Our demand from the Albanian government is only humanitarian. The Albanian government should pay attention to this demand. Families of MEK’s hostages are still feel uncertain due to the ban on travel to Albania by the government of this country.”

He asks the Albanian government to consider only the human aspects and human rights regarding members of the MEK and refrain from politics in this regard.

The authorities of the Albanian government at the time also announced that the reason for the presence of the MEK members in this country was only a humanitarian issue and not a political one. Now they should fulfill their human duty and provide the conditions for families to meet their loved ones in the camp of the Cult of Rajavi, away from the pressures and media manipulations of the MEK leaders.

“I consider the establishment of the Albanian Nejat Society as a good omen and I am sure that this work can have a great role and efficiency in fulfilling the wishes of the families,” Hojat said. “From here, I send greetings to all those involved and those who are trying to ease the conditions and draw the attention of the government of Albania to the legitimate wishes of the families.”

It is worth to mention that Akbar Khosravi was born in 1974 and is from Naqdeh, Azerbaijan. He is now 49 years old and is trapped in the MEK cult, in Albania. During this period, the leaders of the MEK have not allowed his family to have any contact or visit with him.

After the fall of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, the family of Akbar Khosravi made many efforts to save Akbar from the hands of this notorious cult, but they have not succeeded so far.

Akbar Khosravi’s brother says: “Akbar was never a political person. At the age of 17, while he was studying in the third grade of high school in Naqdeh city, in September 1991, together with one of his friends, they wanted to go to European countries through the Iraqi border to reach favorable conditions and earn more money.”

Akbar Khosravi left a letter for his family and went. “My friend and I want to go to Europe for work and we will definitely return one day,” He wrote in that letter. “There, we will find a good and well-paying job to support our family financially.”

From that date onwards, The Khosravis have had no information about Akbar. Until, through the defectors who entered Iran in 2003, they learned that Akbar was captured by the MEK. In the early 1990s, Akbar was taken to Camp Ashraf by the agents of the MEK with the promise of work in Europe.

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