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French Judiciary Prosecutes MKO

On Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry summoned French charge d’affaires Jean Graebling to protest over remarks by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner claiming Tehran could be seeking nuclear bomb.

The Foreign Ministry Director for West European Affairs noted that France’s stance ran counter to Tehran’s agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency on a timetable to answer outstanding questions about its nuclear activities.

The Foreign Ministry strongly protested over France’s push for another UN Security resolution and encouraging European nations to impose additional sanctions on Iran.

Kouchner, who caused a stir last month by saying the world must prepare for war with Iran, was quoted by AFP as telling Europe 1 radio on Tuesday that “nothing is more dangerous than the situation in Iran.

The Iranians must stop enriching uranium, because what they are doing encourages the experts to think they are possibly moving towards the atomic bomb and not the civil nuclear power to which they have absolute right.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also blasted French double standard policy toward terrorism.

The fact that the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) is freely doing activities in France is a flagrant violation of international law on curbing terrorism, the Foreign Ministry official noted.




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