Luisa Hommerich recommend Children of Camp Ashraf

Luisa Hommerich

German journalist Luisa Hommerich recommended Swedish citizens to watch the documentary, “the Children of Camp Ashraf”.

In 2021, the German journalist Louisa Homrich published a detailed article about the children of the Mujahedin Khalq in De Zite magazine, which was focused on the life story of Amin Gol Maryami, one of the former child soldiers of the group. In this article, the situation of the MEK children who were separated from their parents, smuggled to Europe and settled in Germany was discussed and eventually accusations were made against the group. As expected, it resulted in the reaction of the MEK against the German magazine.

Following the screening of the children’s documentary of Camp Ashraf by Sara Moin at the Swedish Goteborg Festival, Luisa Hommerich invited the residents of Sweden to watch this documentary on her X account:

Recommendation: If you are in Sweden, watch “Children of Camp Ashraf” at the Goteborg Film Festival. In the documentary, children from the Iranian #MEK cult speak on camera for the 1st time. (The cult has been deceiving European politicians for decades)

Luisa Hommerich recommend Children of Camp Ashraf

She also mentioned her experience in De Zeit magazine in dealing with the issue of children whose rights have been violated in the Mujahedin-e Khalq cult:
(Over 2 years ago we first broke the story that the cult allegedly trafficked children from Europe to a secretive camp in Iraq and trained them as soldiers.

The #MEK/Mujahideen-e Khalq tried to sue against the article but lost on all counts 1 year ago.)

Luisa Hommerich recommend Children of Camp Ashraf

After the premiere of the documentary, Sara Moin, the director, in an interview with Keyhan London, mentioned Luisa Hommerich’s article in De Zeit magazine as a good start to deal with the tragedy of the children of the MEK.

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