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Swedish SVT broadcasts Children of Camp Ashraf on the anniv. of Maryam Rajavi’s arrest

Children of Camp Ashraf Documentary

The documentary film “Children of Camp Ashraf” will be broadcast on Swedish TV channel SVT. Amir Yaghmai, a former child soldier of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), announced this news on X social network. The documentary will be shown in Swedish with English subtitles on Monday, June 17, at 10 pm local time. “Branen Fran Camp Ashraf” is the Swedish title of the film.

The documentary Children of Camp Ashraf directed by Sara Moin is about the lives of four Swedish citizens who were the children of the MEK. Under the order of Masoud Rajavi, they were smuggled to Sweden where they were handed over to the families of the MEK sympathizers, and suffered serious traumas.

Amir Yaghmai is one of these four people who was later smuggled to Iraq as a child soldier and joined the army of the MEK. Atefeh Sebdani, Hanif Bali and Parvin Hosseinnia are three other children of Mujahed parents who are now in their forties, successful Swedish citizens who narrate the traumas of life under the control of MEK in Sara Moin’s documentary.
On May 30th, Amir Yaghmai, who always raises awareness about the truth of the MEK and his personal experiences from childhood to youth in the group on social networks, wrote about the broadcast of the documentary in his account on X:

Hi Friends
Good news!
Just wanted to let you know that the documentary “Children of Camp Ashraf” will be broadcast on SVT1 on Monday 17th June at 22:00 (after the main evening news) but will be available on SVT Play from Sunday 16th June.

It is worth to mention that the broadcast date of the documentary coincides with the anniversary of the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by the French police in 2003. The arrest of Maryam Rajavi, under the order of French Judiciary on charges of terrorism and money laundering, led to the initiation of a series of self-immolations by members of the MEK in protest against her arrest.

These self-immolations were carried out under the instructions of the leaders of the MEK cult. Among the people who set themselves on fire were two child soldiers: Neda Hassani and Hamid Orafa. Neda Hassani died due to the sever injuries and Hamid Orafa was disabled for the rest of his life. Have the filmmakers deliberately chosen the date for the first release of the film to the general public after screening in festivals?

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