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Angelika Beer: MKO illegal outfit in UK, US and EU.

Visiting member of European Parliament Angelika Beer met and conferred here Sunday evening with Speaker of Iran’s parliament Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel.

Haddad in the meeting referred to the century old parliament presence in Iran and contribution of the Iranian people to the democratic process of electing their representatives in the legislature since the Islamic revolution. He said the forthcoming poll will be thirthieth elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran for electing members of the eighth parliament.

He said the US has created a gloomy atmosphere against Iran which has led to misunderstandings between Iran and the European countries since the Islamic revolution.

On the recent report of the US intellingence system about Iran, Haddad called it as relatively positive and said it showed the honesty of Iran about its peaceful nuclear efforts and disproved all US claims.

He added that now Iran can steadfastly go ahead with its cooperation with IAEA for further confidence building and continue its peaceful nuclear activities.

Haddad also said that Iran is doing its best to confront the drug smuggling from the neighboring country in which the drug production and smuggling has now quadrupled from two thousand tons four years ago.

The Iranian official also criticized the double standard of Europe towards the terrorism and terrorist groups notably the MKO. Haddad said the problem with the Europe and European Parliament is that they claim to fight terrorism while they obtain wrong information from a terrorist group whose history is drenched with the blood of the innocent people in Iran.

During the meeting Angelika Beer who is leading an 11-member delegation from the European Parliament for her visit to Iran expressed her satisfaction with talks with Iranian officials and said the visit is aimed at upgrading parliamentary relations.

She said the recent US intelligence report on Iran proved the non- military nature of Iran’s nuclear activities. She remarked that the European Parliament sees Iran’s peaceful nuclear projects as legal and legitimate and hopes any problems would be removed through dialogue.

She also asserted that the MKO grouplet is recognized as an illegal outfit by European Parliament, European Union and also US and British services, adding that the policy of European Parliament toward MKO is rejecting it and avoiding contacts with it.

She also said there is a collective mentality in the Europe which rejects US military approach. She called for more contacts between Iranian members of parliament with their colleagues in the European Parliament for cooperatrion in fields of common interest.

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