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Alforat TV reports on Mohammady family

The female speaker: Mustafa Mohammadi, a Canadian-Iranian citizen stressed that the Iraqi Judicial force has issued the arrest warrant for three commandants of Mujahedin Organization.

The Male Speaker:
Mohammadi told Al Forat:”when I was looking for my daughter who had been kidnapped with her brother Mohammad Mohammadi ten years ago, in Iraq, I found out that she is under physical and mental pressure by the MKO’s agents” . And Mohamadi stressed that he has submitted an appeal against them and an Iraqi court has issued the arrest warrant for three people of the leaders. He noted that the group prevents his daughter from returning to Canada.  It should be mentioned that People’s of Mujahedin Organization steals the individuals whose families live in Western countries in order to join the MEK terrorist organization. 

Mustafa Mohammadi (Somaye’s father) : by the grace of God, I could take the arrest Mustafa Mohammadiwarrant for three leaders of his terrorist organization: Abbas Davari ,Sediqeh Husseini, the responsible of the so-called National Liberation Army. Somaye has been stolen and she asked me and her brother to try to return her home and country but the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization forces her to say:”I don’t want to return.” 

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