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Reports on Iraqi Surpport for MKO, Baseless

Expressing dissatisfaction over MKO’s activities in Iraq, an Iraqi analyst said "reports on Baghdad-Washington agreements for supporting this group are baseless."

In an interview with Mehr correspondent on a report published in Iraqi website, Al-Malaf, which said Iraqi and American officials had agreed to support MKO, Bassem Al-Awadi said he didn’t think the report was true.

"The reason I strongly reject this report is that Iraqi government’s new policy is based on not interfering in neighboring countries’ affairs; this has been approved by the parliament and is part of Iraqi constitution."

Bassem Al-Awadi, Arab media activist who’s no in London, added: "All Iraqi parties involved in Iraq’s political process stress that Iraq should not interfere in the internal affairs of its neighbors."

"Mojahedin-e Khalq has conducted hostile operations against Iran and tries to strike the country," Awadi said.

"I strongly reject reports that MKO is using Iraqi soil as a base to attack Iran."

Awadi expressed dissatisfaction over the activities of MKO inside Iraq and said: "The fact is that this organization helped former regime of Saddam Hussein to attack Iraqis."

"With respect to what was said, one can conclude that the report is false and that Iraqi government would never make such decision".

Al-Malaf, quoting Shirvan Al-Vaeli, had reported that "Iraqi and US officials have agreed on supporting terrorist MKO". Meanwhile, Shirvan Al-Vaeli has accused the MKO of creating unrest in Iraq.


Mehr News, April 26, 2007

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