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Mujahedin’s Mechanical exploitation over members

Letter of Mr. Hamid Siah Mansouri to the SFF

Mr. Hamid Siah Mansouri is a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) who has managed to escape from the Ashraf Camp which is the base of the MKO terrorist cult in Iraq. He could eventually reach to France after waiting for a long period.

During his presence in Baghdad he gave a letter (both in Farsi and in English) to the SFF which appears below:


Who am I? Hammid Sia Mansouri

Name: Hamid Siah Mansouri

Date of birth: 26/6/1956

Place of birth: Varamin /Tehran /Iran

Father’s name: Khodadad

Mother’s name: Narenj

I left Tehran for India in June 1979 with legal passport via Tehran airport with the intention of promoting my education further. I was graduated from Jamia University in 1984, in M. A. Political Sc. Then I left India for Canada with a fake passport to find a job and also to continue my educations. I introduced myself to Canadian immigration officials as an Iranian Regime defected from the Islamic Republic. So, after 3 months I was accepted as a political refugee. I was occupied in Toronto city. I did international law in Toronto University. During studying, I established a company which gave flyer-distributing service.

Acquaintance and cooperation with the PMOI

In 1966, I met an Iranian man called Hamid who introduced himself as a supporter of the "National Council of Resistance of Iran". He invited me to found a society called the "Iranian Professionals Society" in Canada. I accepted to make such an organization. On the eve of the year 1988, I was acquainted to the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO, MEK, and PMOI) by a member called Reza Khaki who asked me to cooperate with organization. Then I gave in to the MKO after frequent persistence to join their armed wing called "National Liberation Army of Iran" (NLA) based in Iraq on a three-month mutual agreement. Actually, I myself intended to realize truths too.

Dispatch to Iraq under Saddam’s rule

During 3 months that I joined to the MKO flank under Saddam’s rule, I had found their ominous aims under the cover of the creation of the "ideal state or classless theistic state" as well as the forged slogan of peace and democracy which made optimistic viewers amazed. In reality, they took steps into the path of absolute dictatorship.

As a matter of fact, I faced a terrorist cult which had been found on the basis of the "force and hypocrisy", tried to attract the public opinion and politicians in the west with sham moderate facet and shape.

After 3 months, I referred to the related officials to determine legal status of my return to Canada. Incredibly, I found out that this organization with the collaboration of Iraqi Govt. transferred me to Iraq illegally. This was while they were claiming law and discipline in their agenda and primary targets and principles. Meanwhile I observed my passport in the hand of the MKO officials without entry stamp to the country of Iraq.

Kurdish massacre in Morvarid clashes

The MKO officials vowed me to dispose legal conditions of my return to Canada. However, in practice, they never accomplished their pledges with lure, decoy, and killing time. We encountered Persian Gulf dilemma and the war. Then by giving the false information that the forces of the Iranian regime have invaded and seized our bases, they compelled me and other opponents to participate in the Morvarid clashes with the Kurds. Unfortunately however during the war, we found out that we are fighting against the Kurdish people. Therefore, I refused to prolong with the oppressed Kurdish people’s massacre. Nevertheless, the MKO officials made me and other opponents fight against immaculate Kurdish people using threats and force. Finally, after the first Persian Gulf War, I requested them to allow me to go back to Canada, but they threatened me and told me that I either stay with them or they would hand me over to the Iraqi security forces. As a result, I could be convicted for the long term of eight years in jail due to illegal entrance to the Iraqi territory. Consequently, the MKO took me as a hostage and prisoner for long years using threats and psychological and physical tortures in the horrible prison of Camp Ashraf.

A glimpse at the MKO’S internal relations

I briefly try to glance at the crimes of Rajavi’s cult and illicit activities at the level of intra-organization relations during the first and second Persian Gulf War:

Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi, the self-appointed ringleaders of the MKO intend to balk responsibility in relation to the existed fatal political and ideological fiascoes and impasses. Because of wide flexibilities either political or ideological of the 1980s, and owing to the ideological nature, which means that, the idea of violence implementation is the only key solution of any problem, the organization has reached to a dead end. So they chose the mock and deviant way that, the criminal and immoral effects of their way would bother the human beings soul. Moreover, the next generations will be embarrassed regarding such a human catastrophe and calamity.

Undoubtedly, "ideological divorce" was the only, final deceitful and repressed tool to justify the end that ringleaders of this cult used to survive politically. Therefore, they perpetrated any criminal action to achieve this anti human and devious invention.

In fact, they compelled the victims to join this trend regardless of their internal tendencies by threat, infliction, and the "brainwash", so that married men had to divorce their wives then, these divorced women obligated to marry with Massoud Rajavi. Even, unmarried men and women were under this anti human and deviated trend, so they had to divorce whatever was in their mind and brain regarding prospect wife, dreams, wishes, family, father, mother and etc. The most painful reality was that every victim had to prove and pretext his harmony and blessing with such inhuman and wicked conditions in a vast rally held in the presence of MKO torturers and inquisitors and from time to time with the presence of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi. In case, some unfortunate sufferer accused to be indifferent or against this persecuting process, he or she could severely be tortured psychologically and physically. However, at the end, the victim had to be changed and accepted their ideology or his disappearance and unknown destiny could be expected in perspective.

The irrefutable crime of the MKO was to make everyone get training several weapons with the intention to achieve terrorist operations in the cities of Iran. The priority was given to the opponents, because Rajavi intended to inflict two marks with one bullet (to kill two birds by one stone). So that Rajavi might get rid of his opponents and attain his terrorist aims too.

Which way will I opt for the future?

One of the incontestable crimes of this vicious bandit (Massoud Rajavi) is that, he confiscated personal identity, and then he embezzled and grabbed identification cards (identity criteria) and bank credit cards (financial abuse) of his victims. I have also been one of these victims, so I am determined to litigate him based on international laws at the first possible opportunity in an accessible free country.

Now, I survived to divulge the truths, so that, others can use my experience to live up.

Now, I must acknowledge that the existent destructive political and ideological deadlocks in the MKO make them commit suicide, but I decided to survive because of the following reasons. I survive to disclose precise truths afterward; the others can have the right and opportunity to a quite quiet life. Without any doubt, this is the legal and natural right of every individual to have the opportunity to an honorable life, which is full of love and feelings. Actually, the spirit of the laws cited "Universal Declaration of the Human Rights" based on saving human beings life as well as welfare and auspiciousness. As a result, it batters ideological and geographical borders, so that the principle of the defense, attaining "human rights" has always been its everlasting wishes and dreams.

Sometimes, when I remember Massoud Rajavi’s anti human speeches which took place in the day of the painful disaster of the "September 11 terrorist act", so that he exposed his "sectarianism thought" with this speech, "this was the reactionary Islam which did this function, so we would do much better because of our revolutionary Islam".

Whereas, his terrorist involvements during last 3 decades, as I was also victimized by his terrorist activities, this question abruptly comes to my mind. What is the basic difference between Rajavi and Ben Laden?

Based on this logic, if the laws of dangerous and complex phenomena can be distinguished, getting involved with them and dominating them is very easy. Therefore, because of this reason, Ben Laden is not a threat any more against human beings, owing to the fact that his sectarian thoughts and tactics have been discerned and exposed to the public opinion of the world. Nevertheless, Rajavi’s sect is a vague and unknown sect. Though, all cults based on the same thought, pattern and methodology, as the Mojahedin cult is subject to this logic and sectarian laws, it cannot be recognized as an innovative phenomenon. Nevertheless, the MKO cult pretexts a moderate complexion and specious to deceive the west public opinions and this cult could almost decoy some groups of the west public views. As a result, terrorist gang of this cult has widely expanded its activities in Europe under the cover of charitable activities, but they bait Iranian refugees to hunt these sinless refugees with intention to attain its sectarian targets. Terrorism and sectarianism does not recognize time or geographical and human borders, in any place at any time it can intend to protect its sectarian benefits with waiving the life of sinless and defenseless individuals via any inhuman way. e.g. terrible carnage and commit suicide and self-burning in U.S.A. and so on.

An overt example of such a bitter reality, which shocks wakeful consciences of humanity, it was an ideological self-burning command by Rajavi’s religious cult to the impeccable and deceived individuals of this cult in Paris that led in painful and ugly death of them. Therefore, any European national has the right to be sensitive and affected as concerned vis-à-vis his or her infelicitous and indistinct future. As a result, put a question to European liable politicians and free thinkers and ask them shouldn’t Rajavi’s cult be controlled by the West, instead being supported? Inevitably, the more thought the easier discover of the truth that Europe is under the terrorist threat and jeopardy. Therefore, now, it is the appropriate time for the Western public opinion, in particular the politicians, to take serious the raising trend of susceptible threat and peril of the "terrorism and sectarianism". As they should familiar themselves to the complicated and modern intriguing and trapping of the Rajavi’s sect, and pay attention to the violent nature of this sect, meanwhile not to be neglected by its mortal poison. According to an Iranian axiom, "the scorpion does not bite because of its vengeance; however, its expedient nature is so". Therefore, the wisdom, futurism, and secure life of the human beings bid the West to consider and heed the violent nature of this indistinguishable cult not to be entrapped, otherwise, the human beings will be faced and surprised by another "awful September eleven".

Unfortunately, sectarianism and the foundation of cult are not visibly counted a crime at the level of international laws. On the other hand, the outcomes of the cults’ functions and actions led in extremism, human tragedies and victimization of numerous innocents, as the cults with their most effective tool and weapon called "brain wash" reconstruct the human psyche and brain; consequently, make a vital change in human creation so that capture human soul, brainpower, mentality and wits. Hence, whereas the ruling spirit of morality over international laws including mentioned articles in "universal declaration of human rights", these actions together with "brain wash" are vs. human life, security and peace as well as criminal and they are ipso facto counted crime and offence. Henceforth, these above mentioned functions and deeds can per se be considered by the essence of the international principles as a perpetration and action of the "crime v humanity". Henceforward, these criminal actions can be indictable in the international and domestic courts. Unquestionably, consistent with above considerable truths, a historical and imperative necessity is felt by the society psyche security, in order that the West political elites should feel conscientiousness and not allow any hesitation and impediment to take necessary legal and political action to salve the humanity and salvage the Ashraf caged and vulnerable immaculate victims in Iraq. Or else, they will be blamed and curst by the next human generations because of their defaulting and evasion versus "terrorism and sectarianism".

Base on the U. N. charter measures, the incentive and inducible element of the international crises, threats, predicaments and disputes must be discerned, prosecuted, and chastised by the international authorities. Thus, whereas the head of the cult has ultra- absolute power, it means that he is superior to "absolute power" (God), because, the obedience of his victims from his rules are much more essential than God’s rules. As such, suspicion and qualm in relation to the entity and being of God could be relinquished in the intra relations of the cult, but any doubt and distrust as regards cult leadership is mortal sin and inexcusable. While considering such reigned rituals, traditions, and rules over a cult, there should be no more justifiable permission for anyone to hesitate and doubt that, the members of the cult are the first guiltless victims of the cult leader. Then, the head of the cult is the main incentive and inducible of all perpetrated crimes and grave accountable to any would-be terrorist threats of the cult at the moment plus in future. Now, with consideration of raising trend of the potential security threat and its daily extension in the West, as such, it is the pressing legal duty of the legitimate and lawful international organizations to perform their legal and historical responsibility and prepare necessary facilities of the Massoud Rajavi’s open trial. With the intention of ensuring the security and peace for the present world and the next human generations, these terrible criminals must be disclosed.

I and other separated members of the MKO cult declare that we are truthfully ready to transfer our experiences to the "human rights enthusiasts" to help the victims who are under the MKO thought control. As a result, Rajavis’ fraudulent business must be eradicated and the victims of this cult are allowed to have choice to be connected their own self-selection out of isolated scopes as Ashraf military base in Iraq and Maryam’s base in Paris. Therefore, the mechanical exploitation of the MKO over victims’ brainpower, soul and life must be stopped.

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