How many women of PMOI have reached the summit?

New details on the Infertilization Plan of MKO to promote the ranks of women in the cult

A former member of MKO, in Iraq said:

The people‘s Mujahedin of Iran does hysterectomy surgeries on women ranks and file and promotes them to the Ideal Summit [total devotion to leader] .They have made 150 women barren so far.

Mrs.Batoul Soltani (43) who has a 20-year experience of membership in MKO and worked professionally and actively in Iraq, Britain and France and mounted to the rank of the leadership council of PMOI, participated a press meeting among foreign journalists of Iraq answering the FNA’s correspondent’s questions.

At the beginning she explained the recruitment methods that the group uses to increase the number of members and said that she joined the organization due to her adolescence ideas that needed to be filled by political activities.

She noted that  the criterion for the promotion in the cult is based on the dimensions of your devotion to the leaders.

This former member left her kids and divorced her husband after the Ideological Revolution in MKO. The reason she stated the FNA was:

” I was melted in the organization so seriously. If you want to find out the reason, you should search in the basis of the cults. “

She described the manipulation techniques including forced divorces, self-criticism meetings …, used by the cult. She believes that the MKO cult is an isolated laboratory in which the members are brainwashed and through a process are changed to get to a point when they are really eager to commit any act even to be barren.


 She added that the individual in the cult should reach a summit and this summit for women is to cut all their links with the outside world. The women members who have dedicated their family life, children and husband to the cult leaders are totally separated from the outside world by the removal of their womb.

Remembering one of the meetings of the Leadership Council in MKO, she stated:

” In the meeting Nafiseh Badamchi (the only doctor who had a leadership rank) was ordered by Masud Rajavi to remove the womb of the women in the organization and she would be privileged by Masud Rajavi due to the rise of the number of women done the surgery.

 In the organization the hysterectomy surgery is considered as reaching the summit. For Example in the meeting Masud Rajavi asked:

“How many women have reached the summit? How many are waiting for the surgery?”

The ex-member of the leadership council mentioned that the leaders of the cult concluded that the removal of sexual parts of the body is even physically necessary.

Some of the women even didn’t have any idea of the operation done on their body since they were told false justifications.

The former authority of camp Ashraf noted finally that Mrs. Nasrin Ebrahimi (nicknamed Batoul) who has recently been released from MKO has explained the Summit operation for the authorities of the EU in Europe to attire the attention of the human Right bodies to the inhuman acts of MKO.

Translation: Nejat Society

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