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Terrorist option of Mojahedin in the West

According to many MKO ex-members as well as political activists, terrorist and suicidal attacks ordained by Mojahedin leadership constitute an integral part of the cult approaches adopted by the organization. A brief look at the Mjahedin activities in recent years clarifies the fact that they have resorted to all means and strategies in order to achieve their main objective, i.e. seizing political power. Although they abuse international levers like human rights declarations and democracy to win legitimacy on the part of western countries, their true cultic and terrorist nature is fully disclosed when reaching political impasses.

The messages sent by Rajavi in recent years on the potentialities of Mojahedin to carry out terrorist attacks all around the world parallel to that of Al-Qaeda as well as his statements on the degeneration of a number of European MPs aim to pave the way for the initiation of terrorist actions therein. Likewise, Maryam Rajavi has repeatedly declared that Mojahedin can tear into the Europe by means of suicide actions in case Masoud Rajavi issues an order to do so. June 17th self-immolation of MKO members in Paris is convincing evidence confirming the anti-social and defiant nature of Mojahedin.

Mojahedin made use of unique self-destructive tactics in their early years of struggle against Pahlavi regime in Iran. They all carried cyanide capsules to use if arrested alive and being defendants, they struck an aggressive attitude in the regime’s courts to be sentenced to death believing that it might result in their political victory. In addition, in early 1980s, when the organization entered a new phase of armed struggle, this time against the new established regime in Iran, its terrorist activities reached their peak. Not the key figures but the innocent citizens were also killed and injured in terrorist attacks. There are evidences that Mojahedin have been moving on the armed tactic for more than four decades especially whenever they faced a critically political and strategic failure or stalemate. Interestingly, Mojahedin as well as their advocators are proud of having staged terrorist operations they refer to as revolutionary activities inside Iran.

Recently, Bijan Niyabati, one of the major spokesmen and theoreticians of MKO, in an interview with Khabargah, has referred to the fact that Mojahedin have been the founder of suicidal operations in the contemporary Iran at a time when no political trend or individual was even thinking of it. When asked to elaborate on the probability of Mojahedin’s committing terrorist and suicidal actions against Western countries and citizens, he replied, ‘It is unlikely as long as the Mojahedin leadership is not intruded.’

These statements on the part of political advocates of Mojahedin imply the extent to which they hope to misuse democratic potentials of the West for the fulfillment of their totalitarian objectives. The point worthy of note is that Niyabati openly refers to the ultimate target of their terrorist actions in the Europe. In a doublespeak, he makes an attempt to deny the accusations made against MKO on their terrorist nature and at the same time lets the outside world know the serious danger of Mojahedin, stating:

Self-immolations in France revealed that if the organization had terrorist intentions, it was much simpler for its members to destroy the Europe by suicide bomb attacks instead of setting themselves on fire.

This is considered to be a real threat for the west implying the fact that the deliberate negligence of Westerners and the advocates of Mojahedin due to some political considerations may inevitably lead to considerable costs to be paid by the global community. The extent to which Western countries realizes the danger of MKO depends on their unbiased investigation on the real nature of the organization just by reflecting upon the assertions of MKO theoreticians. Westerners have repeatedly acknowledged the fact that Mojahedin lack any social support inside Iran, therefore it may not be considered a threat for the Iranian regime. In that case, would not the Western citizens be the main target of brutal actions of this cultic terrorist group living among them?

A close study of the statements made by Masoud Rajavi in his lecture in 2007 as well as the clear warnings of Niyabati on the consequences of violating the sanctum of the leadership gives us a deeper understanding of the threat of the organization against the global community in general and Western countries in particular. He even refrains to specify what he means by MKO leadership: the ideological leader living in the hideout or the main suspect of France June 17th case, Maryam Rajavi.

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