Consensus to end MKO presence in Iraq

Rashid al-Azzawi, deputy head of Iraqi political party of Tawafogh (Accordance Front), said that resolving the problem of the presence of the MKO and PKK in Iraq will ease tensions with Iran and Turkey.

Al-Azzawi asked the Iraqi government to persuade Iran to issue an amnesty for the elements of the Iranian People’s Mujahedeen, or the issuance of passports over to them to choose another country.

In a statement posted on the front al-Azzawi also said: After the security agreement between Baghdad and Washington, it has become necessary to end the file of the People’s Mojahedin Organization, and finish with their illegal presence in Iraq, the fact that will ease the tension with Iran.

Calling on the Iranian government to solve the issue of the group, through the issuance of amnesty or any other appropriate decision for the organization he said: Regarding the existing consensus over the expulsion of this terrorist group from Iraq, ending the presence of the elements of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization from Iraq will positively affect Iran – Iraq relations.

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