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Iran has lost 16000 of its nationals to MKO

Iran: As the Main victim of US backed terrorism, Iran has lost 16000 of its nationals to Mojahedin Khalq Orgaisation (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult)

US petrol embargo not to harm Iran’s will for nuclear rights: FM Spokesman Service: Foreign Policy

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iran’s will to achieve its sacrosanct right of peaceful nuclear technology will not be harmed by US boycott of petrol supplies to the country, said Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Monday.

“The policy of threat and sanction has joined the history and has lost viability, those who show the byway (sanctions) to the new US administration should put this policy aside because it does not accord with their change policy,” Hassan Qashqavi said at his weekly press conference.

As the Oil Minister has announced Iran has considered mechanisms that will make the petrol embargo futile and it has no effect on Iran’s will to accomplish its lawful nuclear rights, he noted.

Also regarding US State Department recent report that has called Iran one of the main sponsors of terrorism, he said Iran has always been one of the “main victims of terrorism” and has lost 16,000 of its nationals in Mujahidin Khalq Organization (MKO) terror acts.  

“The main emblematic of state terrorism is Israel and its main sponsor is the US, thus Iran can’t be labeled in this way, all and everybody should have the cause of fight against terrorism in a non-political atmosphere.”

Regarding the growing power of Taliban in Pakistan and Iran’s program and the possibility of negotiation with NATO and the US in this regard, he stressed on regional approaches to resolve the insecurity problem.

Asked about the impact of Iran’s upcoming presidential elections on Tehran-Washington rapprochement of ties, Qashqavi explained the country’s leading policies and strategies are not influenced by the elections.

Meanwhile, regarding the Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, sentenced to 8 years in jail for espionage for Washington he noted “Saberi’s case is not complicated, this Iranian woman has received a verdict and her case is now in the appeal court.”

Also over Israel’s expansion of Jewish settlements in Quds, Qashqavi said the move has made a wide reaction among Muslims as well as the Orthodox church of occupied territories of Palestine.

The move is against all international conventions and calls for serious response by UNESCO, Organization of Islamic Countries and the Arab league, he continued.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman also played down US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s remarks on Iran’s growing influence in Latin American countries saying “she can have her comments but our ties with Latin America is a dynamic one and in favor of our interests in culture, politic and economy.”

Qashqavi, regarding some Arab countries demand from Iran to remove the tag of Persian Gulf from medals and brochures of Islamic Solidarity Games he said the name will not be dropped for any excuse because it is historical, international and approved by the UN and any other name is fabricated.

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