10 major Iraqi parties support MKO expulsion

10 major Iraqi parties announced by issuing a statement their full support for the expulsion of MKO terrorist group from this country.

According to Fars News Agency, the statement which was issued by the Coordinating Committee of national and political parties and forces of Iraq in England, says: in late last July Iraqi army and armed forces tried to enter camp Ashraf in Diyali province in order to find control over the camp in account that the camp is a part of the Iraqi soil and a foreign rebellious force belonging to MKO which is an opponent of the Iranian government is based there.

This terrorist organization has been present in Iraq during the era of Saddam in power and has played a key role in assisting the Iraqi dictator in suppressing 1991 Shiites Intifada and massacre of Iraqi Kurds and continued this role until after the fall of the criminal regime in Iraq in 2003.

The statement also states: Military conflicts at the time of doing this operation were the result of the failure of talks with elements of the organization for peacefully entering the camp and of course this operation was within the framework of the security pact signed between Baghdad and Washington over power transmission to Iraqi forces which led to some casualties for both sides.

Participant parties who wrote and signed the letter include the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Assembly, Al-da’avah Party (Party of Islamic invitation), Democratic Party, Union of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Iraqi Islamic Party, Iraqi Communist Party, and National Democratic Alliance, the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan, Organization of feyli Kurds and democratic movement Iraqi Ashouries.

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