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Iraqi MP: Baghdad won’t let U.S. return to Camp Ashraf

Muhammad al-Hamidawi from the Fadila Islamic Party approved a pressure from US to resettle US military forces at Mujahedin headquarters in Al-Khalis. He emphasized that most political and parliamentary groups and fractions will prevent such act and the Iraqi government will not surrender to Washington’s illegal demands.Baghdad won’t let U.S. return to Camp Ashraf

TEHRAN – Iraq will not succumb to the U.S. pressure to redeploy its military personnel in Camp Ashraf, an Iraqi MP has said.

The Iraqi parliamentarian confirmed that the U.S. is pressuring the Iraqi officials to allow it to return its military troops to Camp Ashraf which houses the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization members.

The majority of Iraqi political and parliamentary groups will oppose the U.S. demand, the MP told the Mehr News Agency.

He said the U.S. presence in Camp Ashraf is not in conformity with the security pact signed between Bagdad and Washington and the Iraqi constitution.

According to the Iraqi constitution it is illegal to host terrorist groups who threaten the national security of neighboring countries, he said

And according to the security pact, the Iraqi government itself must take control of the country’s security and military affairs, he added.

He also said that MKO cannot stay in Iraq and the only thing that delays their expulsion is ‘time’

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